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Liverpool officials set for second meeting with Supporters

Mon 10 May 2021 | 12:12

Liverpool aroused the anger of their fans by participating in the European Super League.

A group of Liverpool fans named Sprit of Shankly will have their second meeting with the club's management this week to help the club overcome the current crisis.



announced their intention to participate in the European Super League, the club's fans criticized it a lot. They protested against the club's decision by attending the club's office  and installing banners, claiming that this was against the club's ideals.

Last week, Billy Hogan, the club's chief executive, and other club officials met with two fan representatives to hear their views and work out a formal agreement to resolve the issue. Now it looks like another meeting will be held between a group of Liverpool fans and the club's management to find a way out of the crisis and move towards change at the club.

Liverpool fans are unhappy with the current owners of the club and have repeatedly expressed hope that they will leave the club and buy a new owner. It remains to be seen how the outcome of this meeting will affect Liverpool's future.

The group's statement said:

“The aim is to hear the club’s response to our requests and to make progress towards reaching agreement."

source: SportMob