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Tottenham can finish in the top four next season - Ryan Mason

Mon 10 May 2021 | 8:44

Tottenham’s interim coach is confident his squad have what it takes to finish in the top four next season, after they have failed to qualify for the Champions League this time around with their loss at the hands of Leeds United.

The ex-


midfielder, who was appointed as interim coach following Jose Mourinho’s dismissal, saw his side miss their chance of Champions League qualification after their Saturday defeat by

Leeds United


Ryan Mason

’s side levelled the game courtesy of

Heung-Min Son

’s goal, but came undone when the final whistle was blown, sitting seventh on the

Premier League


When quizzed whether his side will be able to challenge for a top-four finish next season, Mason said:

"Absolutely, there's some great players.

"It's a big squad. It's a very good squad as well. There's definitely tools to work with for next season and I'm sure the chairman and the football club will have a long hard think about the direction the football club wants to go."

During Mason’s first two matches in charge, Tottenham won both but Son’s late penalty was needed for them to defeat


. Garth Bale scored a hat-trick during their thumping 4-0 victory over

Sheffield United


In Carabao Cup final, however, Spurs displayed a poor performance and were defeated at the hands of Manchester City and lost Saturday’s match to Leeds as well.


I came into this game wanting to win, hoping we could win the game,

" Mason said,

"that hasn't happened and it's disappointing


There are only three games left in the league and they are facing a competition for ending the campaign in a Europa League spot as they are one point adrift of Liverpool.


Our focus has to be on next week, the next game and I'm sure those conversations will happen over the summer,"

he said.

"I think the bigger picture, discussions like that probably need to happen over the summer. Our focus, my focus, has to be on the next game now."

source: SportMob