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MMA star McGregor may invest in Man Utd or Celtic

Mon 10 May 2021 | 8:14

The MMA star revealed his interest in buying into Manchester United, whereas discussions were held at Parkhead.

Conor McGregor

is confident of being able to do “big things” in football, as the MMA icon suggested he may like to invest in

Manchester United




The UFC superstar is a fan of the England and Scotland giants, with him being ready to turn his fortune into ventures outside the octagon.

When United fans protested against the Glazer family, the Irishman was among the first to raise his hand, while a stake in Scottish Premiership giants at Parkhead may also be possible.

McGregor was quizzed on Twitter if he is willing to buy into United, and he responded:

"A conversation came up regarding Celtic first to be honest. To acquire shares from Dermot Desmond. I am certainly interested in acquiring a sports team at some stage! 

"Both Celtic and Man United are teams I like for sure, but I am open. I feel I could do big things for a club."

The 32-year-old is Celtic’s largest stakeholder. He has chosen most of the managers of the club since Martin O’Neill started his reign in 2000. He has enjoyed many successes, but the Scottish Premiership title has been taken by Rangers in the 2020-21 season.

McGregor hinted his interest in the Red Devils on April 21 when he took the matter to his social media.

He talked about his allegiance in football circles:

"I was more a player than a watcher back then, but Manchester United was my team. 

"It was only the other day I came across an old picture of myself wearing that infamous grey United jersey, which I bought with my [First Holy] Communion money at eight years of age.

"I see my son when I look at that photo. I’d love to know where it is now. A truly ‘Notorious’ football jersey!"

source: SportMob