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Inter's fitness coach lauds Lukaku: 'He has truly impressive power'

Sat 08 May 2021 | 16:01

Antonio Pintus, Inter's fitness coach, thinks Romelu Lukaku has become nearly impossible to contain.

Lukaku now has the construct of an "American football player," according to Antonio Pintus, who describes the Belgian striker as "a complete athlete."  

The hulking 27-year-old has always had plenty of strength in his game, but a prolific frontman at San Siro is reaching new heights. 

Pintus claims that the former



Manchester United

striker has been practically invincible in Italian football since his arrival, with clear physical attributes complementing a skill set he has netted 61 goals in 92 games.

Pintus, a member of Antonio Conte's Inter team, said of Lukaku to journalists:

"Romelu has his physique as a peculiar characteristic.

"He weighs more than 100 kilos of muscles. He has truly impressive power.

"He's comparable to an American football player. When he starts, it's difficult to stop him. He has also improved a lot in resistance to effort.

"Now, he's becoming a complete athlete. All the other guys on the team have improved a lot in terms of resistance too."

Lukaku has talked about how he now feels in the best position of his club career since joining Inter on a regular basis. 

While he had a difficult time at Old Trafford towards the end of his contract, he has found full support in Milan, both on and off the field. 

Antonio Conte

is bringing out the best of him in the final third, and skilled backroom staff is holding him in top physical shape.

"I've always been an explosive player with muscles but Italy took me to another level. I have never felt so strong. I have reached another level, physically and mentally." said the Belgium international.

"I consume a lot of carbohydrates after games. Most of the time I eat two packs of gnocchi, it depends on what the chef has prepared. They go into circulation quickly and they help me a lot.

"I don't change my way of eating much, for how we play we must have a very strong physique, we run a lot. Since I have followed this lifestyle I feel better on the pitch, I feel more reactive and faster."


source: SportMob