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Glazer reacts to the fans’ demands

Fri 07 May 2021 | 17:42

Joel Glazer sends a letter in response to the fans’ demands to show that they are important.

Manchester United

fans have finally seen the result of their protests as the club’s co-chairman writes a letter explaining the board’s plans for the future of the club’s communication with the supporters.

A group of fans have sent a letter to the Glazer family explaining their demands concerning the fans' communication with the club and said that Joel Glazer has to respond and that he has time until Friday, and he has respected that demand and has written a response letter.

Joe Glazer

has written a long letter and here is some of the most important parts of that letter: "

Thank you for your letter dated April 30, sent in your capacity as a representative of Manchester United fans. I read the contents closely and your love and passion for the club came across very clearly.

"I want to salute your service to the Fans’ Forum, which I know is a vital channel for consultation between the club and our fans. As I recently stated publicly, I am personally committed to ensuring that we strengthen this relationship in future.”

Glazer has apologized for taking part in the formation of the Super League, which was one of the initial reasons for the supporters’ anger.

"I was personally humbled by parts of your letter, as you explained so clearly why our initial support for the European Super League left you feeling angry and let down. I would like to reiterate my sincere apology for the mistakes that were made.”

But the club has made it clear on different levels that the first thing is to make sure that there is a clean air between the fans and the owners to make things work, so we will have to wait and see what actions both sides will take.

source: SportMob