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Lahm thinks Guardiola is more cautious now

Thu 06 May 2021 | 17:30

Guardiola’s former player Lahm has talked about the coach’s new style after Barcelona.


, who has reached the Champions League final ten years after the last time he won the competition, has been using a more cautious style of football since he departed from Barcelona, according to

Philipp Lahm

, who used to work under Guardiola in Bayern Munich.

Having players like Messi, Iniesta and Xavi gave the Spanish coach the ability to be more idealistic with his plans, but after his time at Camp Nou, he has been adapting to new styles.

Lahm told

El Pais


"After the high point he reached in Spain, you can see that Guardiola is adapting.

"Barcelona were a very good team, with almost everyone playing several instruments well. When they won the Champions League in 2009 and 2011, they suffocated their opponents.

"That style was possible because the whole club follows Johan Cruyff's idea of total football, [and] Guardiola sees himself in this tradition: if they let him, he would play 11 Iniestas.

"Elsewhere he had to sacrifice a little of his idealism. In Munich [at Bayern] he let the specialists [Franck] Ribery and [Arjen] Robben play on the flanks, and the two full-backs drifted into the center when the team had possession of the ball."

Lahm insists that Guardiola sees himself in more distance from his favorite style than ever, being more cautious and using physical defenders and using shots from outside the box.

Lahm added:

"City now play a more cautious style, relying on athletic defenders who impose themselves in the air.

"The team sometimes give the ball away, drop back, defend their area, take a breather and wait to counter-attack. The coach has learned to enjoy simple goals from a corner or a shot from outside the box: he has seen that those goals have their appeal too. He's not just a fan of the ultra-attacking tiki-taka."

source: SportMob