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Top facts about Ben Davies, New Liverpool signing

Sat 08 May 2021 | 4:30

No one was waiting for him but Liverpool! here we go for the top facts about Ben Davies, new Liverpool signing.


knows what you want and always tries to get the best info and facts about the player you like! this time, we are going to find the top facts about a player who really came out of the blue! neither football fans nor Liverpool fans expected Ben Davies to be the next defender of Liverpool, but that's how it happened. that's why we are going to find the

top facts about Ben Davies, the new Liverpool signing.

Stay still and let's go for top facts about Ben Davies, New Liverpool signing

When we said Ben’s contract with Liverpool was something that no one expected; we weren’t lying! But what is done is done. But who is this guy? Being honest there is not much info about him anywhere but as always, Sportmob did its job and gathered all the info and facts you may like to know about Ben. but before we start to read the top facts about Ben Davies; we have to take a look at Ben Davies's common info

Ben Davies information

  • Name in home country:

    Benjamin Keith Davies

  • Date of birth:

    Aug 11, 1995

  • Place of birth:

    Barrow-in-Furness England

  • Age:


  • Height:

    1,85 m

  • Citizenship:


  • Position: 

    Centre-Back - Left-back

  • Foot:


  • Player agent:

    CAA Base Ltd

  • Current club:

    Liverpool FC Liverpool FC

  • Joined:

    Feb 1, 2021

  • Contract expires:

    Jun 30, 2025

  • Number:


  • Hair color:


  • Parents:


  • Marriage status:


Now that we know the basic info about Liverpool’s surprise gift, it's time to go digging the

top facts about Ben Davies, the new Liverpool signing


Ben Davies zodiac sign

This time in our

top facts about Ben Davies


we are going to talk aout astrology! yes!!! get ready!

Where is the red carpet?! That’s the first question Leo would ask you when you invite them somewhere! Leo stands for loin so that’s no surprise they have such pride in their blood. As for Ben Davies, he doesn’t seem like those Leos! He seems so friendly and warm-hearted.

That’s a reason why you don’t get Leo vibes from him. But he is a Leo after all! This means he is passionate about what he is doing and he is proud of the success that his contract with Liverpool can bring him.

Leo is the representation of the sun; so, infinite energy and renewal is something that you can’t get from Ben. He is an energetic guy who tries his best to become the best. Of course, there were and there will be obstacles on his way but Ben Davies knows how to overcome these hardships of life.

Ben Davies career life

Ben was born in Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria on 11 August 1995. He was into football from his childhood and this love and passion was the reason behind his success. After showing an outstanding performance while he was playing for laying for Furness Rovers at age 11, he signed with the youth system at Preston North End.

At the age of 17, he made his first-team debut in a 2–2 draw against

Coventry City

on January 26, 2013. He played for 83 minutes before the coach replaced him with David Buchanan. It was during this game when he assisted Nicky Wroe’s 60th-minute goal and got a yellow card. This action made Graham Westley decide that he will be on their next match.

But as we said earlier life has its own ups and downs and Ben’s second match didn’t go as planned! The game ended with penalties and ben was replaced with

Paul Huntington

. Hopefully, this match didn’t affect his reputation in the club and he signed a professional contract with Preston which had a one-year extension option.

The 19th day of July 2013 was the day which Ben joined League Two club York City on a one-month loan. Ben’s first match for York city took place on 3 August 2013 and resulted in a 1-0 win against Northampton Town.

Ben’s style of play and his outstanding performance made the club extend the contract until January 2014. Finally, after the club made sure of Ben’s abilities, they signed a two-year contract with him. Ben Davies played 47 times for York City.

On 19 September 2014, Ben joined

Tranmere Rovers

of League Two as a loan player. One day later on 20 September, he played his first game for this club against Exeter City which resulted in a 2-1 defeat.

Ben played 4 games for Tranmere Rovers and stayed in the club until the loan contract ended on 22 October 2014. He then joined National League club Southport in September 2015 for a one-month loan.

Ben’s first game in this team was one day after his transfer; a game against

Forest Green Rovers

which ended up as a 2-1 defeat. Finally on 20 October 2015, Preston called Davies back because one of their defensive players was injured.

January 2017, Ben Davies joined Fleetwood Town on a loan. The team was in desperate need in 2016-17. Ben played his first game on this team the same day he entered. The game was against Shrewsbury Town and ended with a 1-0 win for Fleetwood Town. Ben played 22 games for Fleetwood Town and  signed a 3-year contract.

Ben even became Preston's player of the year. receiving an award, he said I want to come in and play games to start with, I want to get my foot in the door and make myself a Premier League player rather than obviously a Championship player. And then take it from there really. I know we’ve got some top players here and players I can certainly learn from. Once you get your foot in the door then you’re here as well. Hopefully, I can take my chance and then move forward with it. I’m looking forward to coming in and playing in front of everyone and showing everyone what I can do. I’m sure a lot of fans and people don’t know [me] or haven’t even seen me play. It’s definitely an exciting time and I think they’ll quite enjoy watching me when I’m playing well.”

In February 2021, Ben Davies signed a long-term contract with Liverpool. the news was really shocking for fans but after explanation, everything went back to normal except the fact that Preston fans are mad!

Ben Davies social media

Social media is a part of our life we can’t ignore anymore. That’s why Sportmob tries its best to gather player social media for you. The top facts about Ben Davies is no exception for us so let’s start to read about Ben’s social media.

Ben Davies Instagram

You can find the Ben Davies page on Instagram by searching “bendavies1108”. Ben’s first post on his page was posted in 2014. The post shows a picture of Ben himself as a teenager. The first thing that will catch your eyes on Ben’s Instagram page is his passion for football. Almost all of the posts are about football and football! One of Ben’s posts shows a dog sitting in his car which made us think he has a dog.

Another interesting thing on Ben’s page is a picture showing him with a girl; which we assume is her girlfriend. Reading through comments, we found out that there were some rumors about Ben being gay! Maybe that’s the reason he posted his girlfriend’s picture.

Ben Davies Twitter

Ben used the same ID he used for his Instagram so you can easily find him on any platform but don’t forgot to check the verified icon before following. Ben’s Twitter is about more football! He signed up on Twitter in 2012 and we checked every single tweet he posted. 99 percent of them are about football; there are some jokes between them though.

Ben Davies and the compliments

As we already mentioned in our top facts about Ben Davies; Ben is a footballer who works with everything he’s got. That’s the reason why he gets compliments from professionals. Preston advisor, Peter Risdale once said “He’s an outstanding young man, he’s down to earth, very professional. At our level he’s looked like a Rolls Royce,”

“When he was in the academy I used to go and watch him play and he stood out and was by far the best player there. He then went out on loan to York and Newport County, Fleetwood, and so he had got a lot of games under his belt at adult football before he was playing for us. He deserves this chance, he’s a very good player”

But Peter wasn’t the only one! Neil Mellor also praised Davies and told Talksport “He’s left-footed, so he offers a good balance. He’s very good at sensing danger and dealing with it. I see too many defenders these days who aren’t aware and don’t sense danger quickly enough.”

“He’s not got blistering pace but he’s quick enough. He’s calm and composed on the ball. Liverpool usually dominates possession and he’s very comfortable bringing it out. He’s good in the air and not afraid of getting hurt.”

“I’ve been surprised a top club didn’t take a chance on him before now. He’s been very loyal to Preston. He deserves this opportunity.”

“For less than £2 million, he’s an absolute steal. Liverpool would be able to sell him for five times that amount. He’s a £10 million defender.”

“I’m confident that he can grasp this amazing opportunity. My only concern is whether he really believes he belongs in the Premier League. He’s a quiet, shy lad. I know he’s good enough but I don’t know if he believes himself just what a good player he is.”

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