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United Fans anger from Glazers goes back in time - Young

Wed 05 May 2021 | 10:07

United fans are angry that their team was going to attend the Super League.

Former Manchester United midfielder Ashley Young believes that the anger of

Manchester United

fans over the Glazers goes back to the past.

United's game against Liverpool on Sunday was postponed due to a large number of Manchester United fans protesting their club attending the Super League. They believed that the Glazers should sell the club and leave United. Now Young claims that the problem of United fans with the Glazers goes back to the past.

"A lot was said about it happening because of the Super League, but I know United fans and that's not just what it was,"

the former United star told

Sky Sports


"This is going back years and years with the owners, and the fans want to make their point. Obviously, you don't want to see a protest getting violent, you just want to see a protest where [the owners] are aware and that they understand the anger the fans have got about things that have gone on in the past.

"It's not right to see the violence in it, but the protesting is something the fans wanted to do and they wanted to have their voices heard.

"I don't think I'll comment too much about it, but maybe for the owners they'll see what the fans are saying, they'll see that anger and they'll see how upset they are.

"United fans have been asking for change for a long while, so maybe we'll see changes, maybe we won't. I think there's a lot of things in football that need to be addressed and that is one of them."



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source: SportMob