Neymar has much more to show according to his former teammate

Tue 04 May 2021 | 16:54

Neymar’s former teammate thinks that he can have a better career that Kaka and Ronaldinho.

One of


former teammates, who used to play with him when he was at Santos, has talked about the Brazilian superstar’s potential.


thinks that Neymar has not reached the level of players like Ronaldinho or Kaka but insists that he can perform way better than what he has already shown.

Here is what Leo has said about Neymar in his interview with



"I think I've faced Ronaldinho during the best moment of his career and the same applies to Kaka.

"I think Neymar hasn't reached that level yet, but he can go even further than that. He has a lot more to still give."

There have been speculations about Neymar’s future and the possibility of his return to Barcelona to rejoin Messi, but Leo thinks the possibility of Messi's transfer to the Parisian side is more than Neymar's return to Barcelona.

He added:

"It's not only Koeman, it's the history that he (Messi) has with the club.

"He will not think only about his coach's words, he will think about all the history he's constructed there.

"If you talk about Messi you're going to talk about Barcelona. But Neymar's importance is very big, sure. And not only Neymar: they (PSG) have Leandro Paredes, Angel di Maria, everyone there is trying to attract him."

source: SportMob