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Top facts about Igor Akinfeev; loyalty always pays off

The top facts about Igor Akinfeev will be about one of the loyal, and best goalkeepers in the history of Russian football. We are pretty sure that in the end, you will be enjoyed by this article.

Igor Akinfeev was born on April 8, 1986, in Vidnoye, Russia. Igor Akinfeev has certain advantages: he clearly knocks the ball out with his hands and feet. At the same time, he has a lightning-fast reaction to the game. The goalkeeper always exudes confidence in his abilities, so his sports career has developed brilliantly. In 2002, as a member of the team, Igor first received the title of Russia title. He was sent to the double, where Igor played 10 matches.

In these 10 games, he conceded 14 goals. Before the 2003 season, Igor participated in the CSKA training camp with partners from the first team. Even then, Igor looked confidently on the field and earned attention and high praise from the head coach of the “army team,” Valery Gazzaev. In the same year, he started playing for the national youth team.

The training camp took place in Israel. The Russian footballer drew close attention to himself already in the first match. Edition "Sport-Express" expressed a flattering opinion about the new player. The reviewer wrote that he demonstrated a mature and masterful game. At the same time, he looked stronger than Veniamin Mandrykin. At the end of March 2003, the athlete made his debut match at the senior level, participating in the 1/8 finals against the Zenit team.

Igor Akinfeev entered the field in the 2nd half, replacing Viktor Kramarenko. As expected, he showed a "trademark" lightning-fast reaction. As a result, CSKA drew. In the following, we will mention in detail Igor Akinfeev net worth, stats, and other points. Today we want to talk about the

top facts about Igor Akinfeev

and tell you some special facts about this loyal star.

Top facts about Igor Akinfeev you might want to know

Igor Akinfeev is a 35 years old star who plays for Russia national team, and

CSKA Moscow

. He is known as one of the best Russian goalkeepers of all-time, so in this part of the article, we want to look at Akinfeev’s adventure and story through a new window. We will discover everything you want to know about

Igor Akinfeev personal life

and then in the next parts, we will review the top facts about Igor Akinfeev.

  • Full Name

    : Igor Vladimirovich Akinfeev

  • Date and Place of Birth

    : 29 April 1986 in Vidnoye, Russia

  • Igor Akinfeev age:


  • Height & Weight

    : Igor Akinfeev height is 1.86 m and he weighs 78 kg

  • Family Members

    : Vladimir Akinfeev (father), Irina Akinfeeva (mother), Yevgeny Akinfeev (siblings), Daniil Akinfeev, (son), Evangelina Akinfeeva (daughter) Ekaterina Akinfeeva (wife)

  • Marital Status

    : Married

  • Wife

    : Ekaterina Akinfeeva

  • Igor Akinfeev Children

    : Daniil, and Evangelina

  • Current Team

    : CSKA Moscow

  • Jersey Number

    : #35 CSKA Moscow #1 Russia

  • Nickname

    : Unknown

  • Position

    : Goalkeeper

  • Zodiac Sign

    : Aries

Igor Akinfeev Birthday, Zodiac Sign and Nationality

Igor Akinfeev was born on 8 April 1986 in Vidnoye, Russia. Igor Akinfeev nationality is Russian. Igor Akinfeev zodiac sign is Aries. 

People born with a cardinal modality are known for being traditional, reasonable, and natural-born leaders. Beyond their incredible leadership skills, Rams have a number of great characteristics. Here are the most important Aries traits to know.

Some of the most famous figures born on the 8th of April (Igor Akinfeev Birthday) are Juana Viale, Chuck Todd, and Tyas Mirasih.

Igor Akinfeev Parents and Childhood

Igor Akinfeev was born on April 8, 1986, in the city of Vidnoye near Moscow. Akinfeev was born to Russian parents and he served as a Russian player for years. Vladimir and Irina Akinfeev (

Igor Akinfeev parents

) always were proud of their little Igor.

His father, Vladimir Vasilyevich, worked as a truck driver, and his mother, Irina Vladimirovna, worked as a kindergarten teacher. The family did not have much wealth, but the parents put their souls into the upbringing of Igor and his brother Yevgeny. At the age of 4, his father brought his son to the first training session at the CSKA youth school.

The boy was 2 years younger than the other students but immediately asked to be put in place of the goalkeeper. He managed to catch the balls, and after the second training session, his first coach Desiderius Kovacs said that the child would certainly be an excellent goalkeeper. He had to combine training with classes at school and left no time for outdoor games and other boyish hobbies. However, the footballer himself considers his childhood happy, albeit with some restrictions.

Here is what Igor recently recalled about his school days (

Igor Akinfeev childhood

): “I only had football. I always left for training from the last lesson, and they immediately gave me two - right in front of me. I said, "Thank you," took the notebook, and left." In the same year, Akinfeev graduated from the CSKA football academy and signed a contract with the army team.

In July, he was added to the club and played ten matches for CSKA's brace in the 2002 season, in which he conceded fourteen goals. According to the results of the championship of understudies, his team took eleventh place. In 2002, Igor received a call from the youth team of


. For the youth team, Akinfeev made his debut in August of the same year in a match against the Swedish national team.

After graduating from Moscow School No. 704 in 2003, Akinfeev entered the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture. In Igor Akinfeev childhood, Igor's parents, ordinary working people, were lived in a communal apartment near the Smolenka River with two other families. In Igor Akinfeev childhood, there are many good and bad memories, but with all these problems, he could reach the top of Russian football in any way.

Igor Akinfeev Girlfriend, Personal Life and Marital Status

Besides discussing Igor Akinfeev career, we will also talk about Igor Akinfeev children and family. Igor Akinfeev is married to Ekaterina Akinfeeva.

Igor's first big love was his classmate Olga Rydzevskaya. The girl was seriously engaged in gymnastics and later went into fencing. She reacted coolly to the courtship of a peer, and after graduation, their paths, and altogether, diverged. It is known that in the late 00s, the goalkeeper had an affair with young Valeria Yakunchikova. The girl was the heiress of the CSKA administrator, Sergei Yakunchikov, and the granddaughter of football coach Valery Nepomnyashchy.

Moreover, he was seriously thinking about marrying Lera when she turned 18. His beloved parents treated him favorably and were not against the romance of their heiress with a promising football player and a good guy. However, as time went on, the careers of both young people gradually gained momentum, and Igor was in no hurry to propose. And in 2013, the couple, and at all, unexpectedly for many, broke up.

Soon after a difficult parting with Valeria, it became known about the football player's new romance. His chosen one was a Ukrainian model and actress named Ekaterina Gerun. The girl was born in Kyiv, in a family of philologists, in 1986, on the first of November. Ekaterina and Igor met in Moscow, where the girl came for a short time on business.

The young people celebrated the wedding in a very narrow circle of relatives and friends, so many did not even realize that the national team's goalkeeper had changed his bachelor status. In May 2014, the firstborn of the Akinfeeva was born - a son whom the happy young parents named Daniil. And a little more than a year later, Catherine gave her beloved her second child - her daughter Evangelina.

Igor Akinfeev Career

Following the

top facts about Igor Akinfeev

, there is a good percent you want to continue the rest of the article so we intend to bring up a new topic. Igor Akinfeev was born on April 8, 1986, in Vidnoye, Russia. Igor Akinfeev career is very exciting. Season 2002/03. The preseason training camp with the main team was held in Israel.

On March 29, 2003, Igor Akinfeev played his first match at the senior level against


. In the second half, he came out instead of Viktor Kramarenko, showing a good reaction. On May 31, Akinfeev made his debut in the Premier League; In the match against Wings of the Soviets, CSKA won 2-0. Akinfeev himself distinguished himself, reflecting a penalty in the last minute. Igor was named the best player in the match.

At the championship of the 2003 season, Igor Akinfeev played 13 matches with 11 conceded goals, became the champion of Russia - the first achievement of Akinfeev in big football. In the 2003 season, Igor Akinfeev made his debut in the Eurocup against the football club Vardar. The match, which took place on July 30, ended in favor of Macedonia. Akinfeev made his debut in the match on November 5 against the Yelets team. The competition ended with the victory of CSKA with a score of 3-1.

Season 2004. On March 7, in the Super Cup match against


, Igor Akinfeev spent all 90 minutes of the game on the pitch, conceding the only goal in the 14th minute. In total, that season, he spent 26 matches on record of his 15 goals conceded. CSKA won the silver medal, and Igor was recognized as the best goalkeeper in Russia and, according to the Fox Sports TV channel, the best young goalkeeper who entered the list of "33 best" at number 3.

In the 2005 season, Igor Akinfeev won the UEFA Cup. Season 2006. In the group stage, Akinfeev managed not to concede goals for 362 minutes. During this period, many fans compared him with Lev Yashin; Igor's authority as a goalkeeper grew so much that he was considered the most promising goalkeeper.

Season 2007, In the spring, it was reported that London "


" became interested in a promising player. But in an interview, Igor Akinfeev said that for the next 4 years, he is not going to leave CSKA. Season 2009. Igor Akinfeev conceded his hundredth goal in the 4th round match of April 12 in the Russian championship. In the same year, he became one of the five best goalkeepers in the world, according to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics. Season 2010. In the fall, Akinfeev played with varying success.

Season 2013/2014. On May 15, 2014, Akinfeev broke Lev Yashin's record by playing on a clean sheet for his 204th match. On the same day, he became the five-time Russian Champion. In the same year, Akinfeev broke the record for playing time without conceding goals - 761 minutes. The World Cup in Brazil was not the most successful period in Akinfeev's career. In a match with the South Korean national team, he absurdly conceded a goal in his own words.

The 2014/2015 season was marked for Akinfeev with new records - he broke Sergei Ovchinnikov's record for the number of clean sheets in the Russian Championship (130). He exceeded Sergei Semak's indicators for the number of matches in the national championship (283). Igor Akinfeev became the goalkeeper of the Russian national team at the Confederations Cup held in St. Petersburg in June 2017. Russian national team led by Stanislav Cherchesov performed very badly.

In particular, many experts spoke out that Akinfeev's uncertain play allowed the Mexican team to score the second goal against Russia. At the same time, no one could name anyone equal to Akinfeev by experience. Soon after that, information appeared in the media that Akinfeev had threatened the coach with leaving the national team.

Igor Akinfeev was called up to the national team on the eve of the 2018 World Cup and received the right to wear the captain's armband during the World Cup. The championship will run from June 14 to July 15. Soon after the end of the World Cup, Akinfeev announced his departure from the Russian national team.

He explained that 15 years of playing simultaneously for CSKA and the national team severely crippled his health, more and more old injuries are making themselves felt, and it is time to give way to the young.

Igor Akinfeev Religion


Igor Akinfeev religion

in top facts about Igor Akinfeev article, like most of the Russian people, he is Russian Orthodox. According a study in 2019, Russian Orthodoxy is the Russia’s largest religious denomination, representing more than half of all adherents.

Organized religion was repressed by Soviet authorities for most of the 20th century, and the nonreligious still constitute more than one-fourth of the population.

Igor Akinfeev Salary, Net worth and Market Value

Relating to 

Igor Akinfeev salary

, he used to earn €2.5m per year in CSKA Moscow.

Igor Akinfeev net worth

is around €7m. He made his €7 fortune in CSKA Moscow, and Russian national team.

Now the whole Igor Akinfeev net worth is around €7m. After all, about Igor Akinfeev market value, it should be said his highest market value was in 2009 worth €20m.

Igor Akinfeev Transfermarket Stats

Igor Akinfeev transfermarket stats

 are great. As we said, in terms of

Igor Akinfeev stats

, he managed to play 672 games and kept 285 clean sheets so far. Igor Akinfeev has played for CSKA Moscow since 1991 and has become one of the most loyal players in the club's history.

He made his official debut for CSKA Moscow in 2002 and continues to be a top goalkeeper to this day, in 2021.

Some Short Top Facts about Igor Akinfeev

  • Igor Akinfeev is a Goalkeeper. His height is 1.86 m and he weighs 78 kg.

  • About Igor Akinfeev age, it should be said that he is 35 years old.

  • Igor Akinfeev salary at Arsenal was €2.5m

  • Regarding Igor Akinfeev children, he has a daughter, and a son.

  • Igor Akinfeev is Russian and he used to play for Russia national team.

When it comes to

top facts about Igor Akinfeev

, his loyalty, leadership, quality and great moments comes to the minds.


Igor Akinfeev social media

, the personal life of a famous football player has always aroused particular interest among his many fans. The young man is an active user of social networks.

Igor Akinfeev Instagram account

 has 110k followers. Besides all this information, it is better to mention Igor Akinfeev Facebook account and Igor Akinfeev Twitter account.

Igor Akinfeev Quotes

One of the favorite parts of SportMob's article on top facts about Igor Akinfeev is amazing quotes.

Igor Akinfeev on goalkeeping position

“It’s not the ball to blame, these are the hands!”

Igor Akinfeev about criticizes on him

“I have already taught myself to take everything calmly and love even my enemies. They criticize you, and you smile. At first, yes. But gradually, with experience, everything works out. The main thing is to remember: no words change anything, only deeds decide everything. And you should not argue, prove something to someone, but do your job. If you do it well, the result will surely come.”

Igor Akinfeev on what it means to be Russian

“It's somehow very Russian - to put yourself in a difficult situation, and then get out of it.”

Igor Akinfeev on his desire to win the matches

“Every match we have to play to win. If we play to win, we will leave the group. Otherwise - if we think about how not to lose - this goal is not worth talking about. This simple word must firmly sit in the head of each of us: victory. If we are imbued with this thought, then the result will come, there will be both chances and goals. And if we stupidly defend ourselves - nothing is worth waiting for in this League.”

Igor Akinfeev Achievements

Having played for CSKA Moscow since the beginning of his career, he has achieved great achievements with this team and has participated in almost all of the club's valuable championships.

Let's take a look at Igor Akinfeev's achievements in the top facts about Igor Akinfeev article.

CSKA Moscow

  • Russian Super Cup Winner in 2003/2004, 2005/2006,2008/2009, 2013/2013, 2014/2015, 2016/2017, 2018/2019

  • Russian Champion in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2013, 2014, 2016

  • Russian Cup Winner in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013

  • UEFA Cup Winner in 2004/2005

Individual Achievements

  • Footballer of the Year in Russia (2013)

  • Player of the Year in CSKA Moscow (2016/2017)

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