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Mancini is happy to see Inter at the top

Mon 03 May 2021 | 17:13

Italy head coach thinks that Inter’s good form could help the national team.

Italy’s head coach,

Roberto Mancini

, thinks that the


deserved the Serie A title and insists that Antonio Conte’s performance was impressive as he helped Inter change the situation and win Scudetto.

“Inter deserved the Scudetto,”

Mancini told Rai TG Parlamento.

“Inter have a big gap to second and in 2021 they had an impressive change of pace.

“Antonio Conte manages to make the players perform at their best and in such a long championship, that’s an important quality.”

The Italy manager hopes that Inter’s return to the path of glory can help the national team return among the big national teams as he plans to on the younger players to make a new generation in the national team, especially in the Euro 2022.

“I hope that the history of Inter, the return to victory after so many years, can be repeated for Italy in the next European Championship,”

Mancini said.

“It’s clear that we must do things well and leave nothing to chance.

“Many good players will have to stay at home, and this is a great disappointment.”

One of the players, who doesn’t have a chance to play for Italy, is Darmian, who has been an important player for Inter, but Conte insists that some of the good players will always stay behind as the team can’t have more than 26 players.

“He had a very good championship, but unfortunately we cannot bring more than 26 players,”

Mancini said


source: SportMob