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Bonucci is not satisfied despite the victory

Sun 02 May 2021 | 20:02

Bonucci thinks that Juventus can’t keep the form and the tempo.



2-1 victory against


, the club’s experienced defender has talked about the team’s form, saying that it won’t be wise of them to be happy with that win because they have major problems.

“We just brought home three points, so if we are happy enough with just 10 minutes then we’ve understood nothing. Absolutely nothing,”

shrugged Bonucci on Sky Sport Italia


“We can’t seem to change gear and keep up the tempo for the whole game. It’s the toughest thing to understand, but we need to keep giving our all to achieve the Champions League objective.

“Matches are decided by incidents. We gifted them a goal, they gifted one to us. It’s all about the details and too often this season we dropped points because of details."

Juventus sits in second place with Atalanta and Milan, and the best spot that they can achieve in Serie A is the second, so they will be trying their best to keep that position as Inter becomes the title winner.

“Now the next match is one we need to win. We didn’t allow Udinese much today, but always lacked that bit of heart, determination and passion that we saw in the final 10 minutes.

“An era is over, we certainly didn’t help ourselves this season by dropping points, but Inter were the most consistent team in the long run for this year.

“From today, another chapter begins and we must find the hunger to get back what we lost after nine years of domination, something that is difficult to replicate in future. It was truly epic.

“Congratulations to Inter, they deserved the Scudetto, but we’ll get back on our feet and get back out there.”

Juventus will face Milan in their next Serie A match, and winning that match can be important for them to keep their place on the table.

source: SportMob