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Conte thinks that joining Inter was a hard decision

Sun 02 May 2021 | 19:32

Inter boss hails the players’ trust for the domestic title and thinks that it was a big title for them.

After Atalanta’s draw against Sassuolo, the Serie A title was guaranteed for


side, and he has talked about the matter, saying that joining the club was a hard decision for him because he didn’t see them as a competitive team, but the players trusted him, and that was the reason behind their success.

“We’ll go to sleep tonight very happy with what we’ve achieved. We are happy for us, for the people who worked to get Inter back to winning ways, for the fans. We will certainly feel more relaxed now,”

smiled Conte


Another reason for the team and the fans to enjoy this title is that they won it in a hard situation that even their boss had doubts about accepting the job.

“I put it among the most important successes of my career. It was difficult, because it was not an easy choice for me to come to Inter, during a time when the team was certainly not competitive or had the resources to achieve something important.

“Plus I was going to a club that is rivals with Juventus, where I played for many years, and who were dominating the league. There were many negative situations that I was going into.

“Instead, I accepted the challenge with great eagerness, and I think the hard work repaid all those sacrifices.”

There have been speculations about Conte’s future at the club, and the rumors suggest that he will be leaving


at the end of the season, but he prefers to focus on his job at the moment.

“I think at this moment it’s right to enjoy this Scudetto. We won’t make the mistake of chasing rumours about meetings, arguments or anything else.

“We achieved something extraordinary and I want to enjoy it. There will be time to talk about all the things that need to be done.”

source: SportMob