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West Ham's Vice-Chairman hammers Premier League's refereeing system

Sat 01 May 2021 | 14:16

The vice-chairman of West Ham United has used her column to criticize the state of officiating in England's top flight.

Karren Brady

has pointed the finger at the

Premier League

's refereeing standards. 

There have been some contentious refereeing decisions this season, and Brady believes West Ham has gotten the short end of the stick. 

Brady claims VAR hasn't helped the case, but also the quality, in general, has been incredibly low this season. 

Following VAR checks, Hammers players

Tomas Soucek


Fabian Balbuena

were also given red cards this season, but both cards were reversed on appeal.

Although neither firing had no effects on the 0-0 draw with Fulham or the 1-0 defeat to Chelsea, Brady believes they highlight the Premier League's match officials' problems. 

Writing in her column in the 


, Hammers vice-chairman Brady said:

"The Stockley Park mob, blinking in front of an array of screens, may get more offsides right although, goodness knows, they often do so to the fury of people who don't see any sense in arms or shirt sleeves being involved.

"The refereeing itself has been poor this season, possibly the worst I have seen in the Premier League.

"No doubt there will be statistics that prove me wrong but, subjectively, I can remember no time when the whistle was so out of tune with the game.

"VAR was sold to us as a way of perfecting decisions.

"These two red cards alone proved the opposite: not until the refs were requested to look at the screen did sendings off seem even a possibility.

"Especially since both the incidents took place right in front of the ref's own eyes.

"But despite that, both took the VERY broad hint from Stockley Park - and thrust out red cards to the amazement of the players and disgust of millions of viewers.

"Of the Balbuena incident against Chelsea, manager David Moyes said the decision was 'rank, rotten', adding: 'I think it's been made by somebody who has never played the game.'

"And, yes, he's absolutely right. VAR never played a game and never will."

Mike Dean, who was in charge of Fulham's game, gave Soucek the red card. After that, the official was brought in for harassment, which Brady claims must cease.

Brady said:

"Anger at London Stadium or in any other quarter in no way excuses the death threat to Mike Dean, who has sent off seven players so far this season, or anyone else. Such stupidity only redirects sympathy.

"Referees are bound to make mistakes, most of us are grown-up enough to understand that, and VAR was intended to take some of the weight of responsibility from their shoulders.

"It has, a little, but its replacement is fury at some of the rubbish meant to be impartial judgment."


source: SportMob