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Top facts about Danny Drinkwater

Wed 05 May 2021 | 4:30

How much do you know about one of the most ironically named footballers of all time? Do you miss the funny central midfielder in the Premier League? Well, here are some of the top facts about Danny Drinkwater that will have you reminisce about the good old days of the English midfielder.

Perhaps scoring goals, creating chances, earning medals and climbing up the ladder of success and greatness are not the only things that matter to the fans of football all around the world. Perhaps having them enjoy and share a laughter or two using clever or simple humor can also have them love you both as a person and as a professional footballer. That is exactly what Danny Drinkwater has managed to do all these years, which has led to him becoming a fan-favorite at all his clubs and he is even loved by the fans of the opposition.

Many of you surely know much about the

facts about Danny Drinkwater

as he used to play in the Premier League, having joined many of the top clubs in England, including Manchester United, Chelsea and of course Leicester City. But still there is a lot to know for those pro-Drinkwater fans as well as newcomers who will be treated to a lot of useful information about the former

Manchester United


Before we get on with the facts about Danny Drinkwater, let us have a brief look at his professional career and see where he has ended up. While the Englishman isn’t considered by many to be one of the most brilliant midfielders of all time and is not put alongside the likes of Toni Kroos,

N’Golo Kante

, Sergio Busquets and others, he has still managed to make quite an impressive career out of his footballing abilities, which has led to him winning several prestigious major trophies throughout the years.

The Englishman started his senior career at Manchester United under the guidance of none other than the great Sir Alex Ferguson. But one of the unfortunate facts about Danny Drinkwater is that he did not get to make even a single appearance for the Red Devils during the four years of his contract. Instead, he spent his time on several loan spells at

Huddersfield Town

, Cardiff City,


and Barnsley.

It was back in 2012 that he finally decided it was time he moved on with his life and career, which is why he joined Leicester City for almost a million Quid. It was during his time alongside The Foxes that Drinkwater became a fan favorite and rose to the top of his game throughout the years.

He did eventually get to help Leicester dramatically win the 2015-16 Premier League title and later helped Chelsea win the FA Cup in 2018. While he didn’t get to play for United, his stay at the club did add to his trophy cabinet a number of significant trophies, including the Premier League title, the English League Cup, the FIFA Club World Cup and the Community Shield. Now that we have properly introduced those of you who didn’t know about the former Chelsea midfielder, let’s go down below and talk more about some of the most interesting

facts about Danny Drinkwater


Facts about Danny Drinkwater you probably didn’t know

Surely not everything can be covered about the current


player, who is on loan at the Turkish club from


until the end of the current season. But we have selected a couple of the more intriguing facts about Danny Drinkwater, which will surely pique your interest. There is lots to know about the English midfielder, from his childhood days to the origin of his surname and to his relationship status and much more. Follow us below if you too want to know more about the ironically named footballer.

Before we move further ahead, we have provided a list of basic information about the Englishman to give you an overview of his general stats and bio.

  • Full name: Daniel Noel Drinkwater

  • Date of birth: 5 March 1990

  • Place of birth: Manchester, England

  • Height: 1.77 m (5 ft 10 in)

  • Marital status: Not married

  • Nickname: Drink

  • Current club: Kasimpasa (on loan from Chelsea)

  • Jersey number: 4

  • Zodiac sign: Pisces

The origin of the Drinkwaters

Alright now let’s get one of the obvious and bizarre facts about

Danny Drinkwater

out of the way before going into detail about the other aspects of the footballer’s life. As you might have already guessed, the focal point of Drinkwater’s career and probably his whole life has been the surname he carries. Most people might not even know who Danny Drinkwater is, but they surely have about his funny surname. But where does this name come from? What is the origin of the Drinkwater surname? Does it have a special meaning or a culturally rich background?

Well, it does indeed have a culturally rich background from almost a millennium ago. One of the more interesting facts about Danny Drinkwater is that his surname literally means drinking water and is estimated to date back to the Middle Ages, when weak ale was common drink of the poorer classes and was cheap enough to drink lots and lots of it every day. While weak ale was found in abundance, clean and drinkable water was not as much available and people of the lower classes preferred to drink something with a bit of a taste.

That is why the surname Drinkwater was perhaps joking given to those who could not even afford or were unwilling to drink beer. It might have also been used ironically to call the innkeeper or a tippler. The word itself even has roots in German and French, with the Germans calling such people “Trinkwasser” and the French using the word “Boileau”. So the next time you hear the name Drinkwater, be sure to remember our selection of the

facts about Danny Drinkwater

to boast about your knowledge of footballers with this historically valid fact.

Danny Drinkwater birthday and zodiac sign

Danny Drinkwater birthday is on the fifth day of March. He was born in the year 1990 and is currently 31 years old. Having been born on 5 March, the former Chelsea central midfielder shares his birthday with the likes of pop singer Madison Beer, model Taylor Hill, TV actor Sterling Knight and former Leicester City and

Hull City

striker Matty Fryatt who hung up his boots after the 2016-17 season at

Nottingham Forest

and is currently 35 years old.

Not only do all these great talents have something in common with

Danny Drinkwater birthday

, but they also obviously share a zodiac sign with the former Manchester United midfielder. With his birthday being on 5 March, Danny Drinkwater’s zodiac sign is Pisces. Some of the traits that Pisces are known for are being empathetic, generous, emotional and impressionable.

Danny Drinkwater childhood story

Daniel Noel Drinkwater was born on 5 March, 1990 in the city of Manchester in United Kingdom. While many of the footballers tell tales of the difficulties and hardships they had to endure to survive and fight problems such as poverty and racism throughout the years and finally make it into the top stage of football, not much is known about

Danny Drinkwater childhood

and not many details are known about how he lived his life in Manchester and how found his passion for football.

But just like many or maybe all kids in England and all around the world, little Danny did fall in love with football, and having spent his childhood at Greater Manchester, he found his dream club to obviously be Manchester United. He picked up a ball and started playing football when he was merely four years old. Little by little, he got to improve his game and realize his potential, which led to him being discovered by Manchester United academy scouts. Shortly after, he joined the United academy and rose up the ranks after gaining prominence year in year out.

Danny Drinkwater childhood took a turn after he joined the Red Devils, as he got to graduate from the youth academy and join the club’s senior side back in 2008. Although his time at United wasn’t as glorious as he might have hoped, it did still help him get some recognition as the player who trains with the best of the best at Manchester United, which opened so many doors for him later in his life.

Danny Drinkwater girlfriend and relationships

While there are those who might think that the former Leicester City man has tied the knot and is married, he is in fact the exact opposite of that and his entire love life seems to be nonexistent. Of course there are rumors about him dating the infamous Carla Howe, who is known for her rather famous relationships with other world-renowned footballers. If the rumors are true, then

Danny Drinkwater girlfriend

has already flinged with the likes of Manchester city right-back Kyle Walker and Tottenham midfielder

Dele Alli


It seems that Ms. Howe has quite a fine taste when it comes to choosing her dating interests. The Playboy model does not have much of a likeable track record, but it has certainly caused quite a backlash. It was claimed back in 2016, that Ms. Howe, the current Danny Drinkwater girlfriend, was in fact playing the field with two professional footballers at the same time. The allegations claimed that she did in fact date Kyle Walker and

Crystal Palace

right-back Nathaniel Clyne simultaneously.

The gorgeous blue-eyed model was spotted having a night out with the then


defender Nathaniel Clyne at the Libertine nightclub in London. She herself revealed that Kyle Walker did in fact messaged her a couple of times, but she quickly made herself clear that she was not interested due to the footballer being in a long-term relationship and having a child.

Another one of the models in Danny Drinkwater’s life is Carol Tozaki, whom he dated for more than a year and a half before the model ended things with the Englishman to pursue her modelling career. The Brazilian model was a big part of Drinkwater’s life as the two shared many important moments together. Tozaki claimed that their relationship was in fact intense and full of affection the whole time as they seemed inseparable in almost every picture. The relationship, sadly however, was not meant to be as the two parted way to succeed in their own paths.

Danny Drinkwater Instagram, tattoos and net worth

We all know how social media platforms and overall the creation of smartphones has affected our lives as human beings. Everything has shifted towards an internet-based lifestyle and TVs are almost obsolete nowadays. Everyone including celebrities, athletes and politicians, alongside normal civilians use social media platforms to reach out to their loved ones, their fans, friends and family. They also use them to communicate with whomever they want and even earn money through endorsements and paid partnerships.

That is exactly why many of you might want to know more about

Danny Drinkwater Instagram

account so that you can have a more personal insight into the life of the English footballer. Danny Drinkwater Instagram is of course far away from being one of the most active Instagram pages with millions of followers.

But it still has its own fan base, with many supporters of clubs such as

Leciester City

and Chelsea still following the 31-year-old on Instagram. One of the more hilarious details about his account is the fact that his profile picture is literally a picture of him drinking water wearing a Chelsea shirt, which shows how hysterical he is and how much he has embraced his somehow odd surname. He currently has over 500k followers and he himself follows 309 people on Facebook’s social media app.

Being a Pisces, Drinkwater also has a passion for art, which has led to him getting his very own personalized tattoo on his back. Drinkwater’s tattoo is clearly shown in a picture he posted on his Instagram more than a year ago. The markings show a beautiful image of a roaring lion and parallel birds and scrolls on each side of his shoulders. There are also skulls laying on the presumed ground under the king of the jungle. Drinkwater described his tattoo with the following caption on his Instagram post:

“My back has changed abit over the past year! This is a finished peice by @matiasnobletattoo what a talented guy (clap emoji) the skulls represent the dark times, the lion is the strength, the doves our the peace and the eye is for protection. Rose is family and the scrolls are for important dates/times (to be done). Life in a tattoo! My back. My skin”

All of this considered, one might also be wondering how much is the former Manchester United midfielder worth in the market nowadays? Is he any good playing for Kasimpasa? How much is

Danny Drinkwater net worth

? Well, to be honest, the 31-year-old is not doing so well out on loan at the Turkish club, where he has only made 9 appearances since joining them in January.

His current market value is estimated to be a little of €3 million, with his all-time high dating back to his days at Chelsea in 2017. But what about Danny Drinkwater net worth? Well, the Englishman is believed to have a net worth of around €17 million thanks to his earnings from Chelsea and Leicester City.

These were some of the more interesting facts about the English footballer that we thought to share with you. There is much more to know about Danny Drinkwater of course. Who knows where he might end up next. Will he finally hang up his boots or will he continue training on the field and warming the bench for the rising stars of today? Nothing is for certain, but for now, he has to complete his loan spell at Kasimpasa, with his short-term contract set to expire on 30 June 2021.




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