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Shevchenko had nightmares for three months

Fri 30 April 2021 | 13:41

Andriy Shevchenko revealed he had nightmares after the Champions League Final against Liverpool in Istanbul and declared joining Chelsea was the right move.

In the following three months, I would wake up screaming during the night,”

the former striker has told

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“Sometimes I still think about it, many of my teammates never wanted to watch that game again, while I know it by heart. Liverpool had a chance out of 100 and they didn’t give up, credit to them.”

The former Ukrainian international remembered a Champions League derby against Inter.

“I had to play the game with five metal plates in the cheekbone because of an injury I had suffered months before.

“Inside the tunnel, Materazzi told me not pleasant things about what would have happened to my face and I replied by laughing at him.

“It was not because I was arrogant, but because I knew he wasn’t like that in real life. We are all part of a show, and he had to play his part.

“Besides, people who tried to intimidate me often forgot where I came from.”

Shevchenko moved to London in 2009.

“Galliani and Berlusconi tried to keep hold of me in every way they could.

“Milan was my home, but Abramovic had been trying to sign me for three years. I took my revenge against Liverpool, but with Chelsea, it didn’t go well. However, I don’t think that it was a mistake.”



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