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Van Gaal names missed target at Manchester United

Thu 29 April 2021 | 11:04

Former Man Utd boss talks about stars he tried to recruit in his time at Old Trafford.

Louis van Gaal

took over at

Manchester United

in 2014 to replace

David Moyes

, and the Dutchman managed to bring home the FA Cup in his two-year spell at Old Trafford.

Van Gaal experienced a sloppy run with Man Utd, and his team never lived up to the expectations. Now in an interview with


, the 69-year-old has talked about his time with the Red devils, discussing failed attempts to bring stars like




to Old Trafford.

"I wanted Robert Lewandowski, but when this proved difficult I tried to get Gonzalo Higuain instead,”

Van Gaal said.

"Before I had arrived, I also spoke with the board about Neymar. If you are at United, you have to think big. He was also interesting for the club in terms of selling shirts, and I wanted to have quick wingers. For that reason, I also tried to get Sadio Mane and Riyad Mahrez.

"Thomas Muller was on my wish list, too, and in central midfield I wanted N'Golo Kante. I even tried to sign James Milner, who was already quite old but very multi-functional and possessed leadership skills.

"For the defense, I wanted Sergio Ramos and Mats Hummels, because ours wasn’t the strongest in building from the back.

"Those were my top targets, but we couldn’t get any of them. I don’t know why, because as the manager I wasn’t involved in any negotiations. After I left, players like Mahrez and Kante ended up at Manchester City and Chelsea, while United couldn’t get them. I found that very odd."

source: SportMob