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Spurs have been advised to "break the bank for Brendan Rodgers"

Tue 27 April 2021 | 15:11

The former Spurs frontman Teddy Sheringham was not shocked to see Mourinho's dismissal and advised Tottenham to replace Mourinho with Brendan Rodgers, who has done a fantastic job with Leicester City this year.

Sheringham has told 



"If I had the pick of the bunch and Tottenham were ready to go out and spend big money, which I presume they will, then I would go and break the bank for Brendan Rodgers


"I think he's done an outstanding job at the different clubs he's been at. He knows the Premier League very well, he knows his system and how he wants the game to be played. He takes the game to the opposition, he doesn't wait to capitalise on other peoples' mistakes and he likes to control the game a bit like how Pep Guardiola does.

"Given the funds that were available for Jose Mourinho, if Rodgers was backed with the same sort of money then I think he would do a fantastic job."

Sheringham was then asked if he thought Jose Mourinho's dismissal was the right decision.

Sheringham replied:

"I wasn't surprised by the decision, especially when you hear the little murmurs from behind the scenes suggesting it was more about money, that if they got into Europe they would find it harder to sack him because it would cost them even more money


"But ultimately they've made the decision because they've felt he's not the man to take Spurs forward. I'm not surprised by the situation, there's been a lot of grumblings from the Tottenham fans.

"For a manager who has won so much, you would have thought he'd have gotten applauded into the club when he first came, but that was never the case. It just never felt like the right fit.

"There was a little spell where Jose's light was shining again but it soon dimmed out and the Spurs fans were quite understanding that it wasn't working."



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source: SportMob