Top Facts About Jesse Lingard, The Reborn Attacker of Man United

Sat 01 May 2021 | 7:30

In today’s article we are going to see through Jesse Lingard life and career. A homegrown talent that grew in Manchester United youth academy and is now considered as one of the key parts of England national team and West Ham United which he is currently at loan there.

Jesse Ellis Lingard was born on 15th December 1992 in Warrington which is a town between Manchester and Liverpool in the north west of England. So at the moment of publishing this article,

Jesse Lingard age

is 28 years old.  Jesse Lingard is a talented left foot attacker but his football abilities are not the only things that draw attention to this British lad. In the following article we are going to reveal some top facts about Jesse Lingard childhood, personal life, girlfriends and much more.

Jesse Lingard has risen through the ranks of Manchester United academy and after winning the FA Youth Cup in 2011 with Red Devils, he promoted to the senior team. Since then he was more or less one of the starters in Manchester United line-up but recently due to his poor form, Jesse was loaned out to

West Ham United

where he was reborn as one of the most prolific attackers in England Premier League.

Top Facts About Jesse Lingard Personal Life and Career

Jesse Lingard or “Jlings” as he calls himself has a quite interesting life off the pitch. From complicated love stories to taking care of his little siblings and spending money on luxurious cars. But before we get to that, let’s start with some short and quick

top facts about Jesse Lingard


  • Full Name

    : Jesse Ellis Lingard

  • Nicknames

    : Jlings, Dabberman

  • Date of Birth

    : 15th December 1992

  • Place of Birth

    : Warrington, England

  • Current Age

    : 28

  • Nationality

    : English

  • Weight

    : 65kg

  • Position

    : Attacking Midfielder, Winger

  • Current Team

    : West Ham United (on loan from Manchester United)

  • Jersey Number

    : 11



: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)

Everything About Jesse Lingard Childhood

Jesse Lingard was born in an average English family in Warrington.

Jesse Lingard childhood

was just like any other kid back then. He went to William Beamont Community High school which was located in his hometown. It was at this high school when Jesse showed the first signs of his capability to become a top level football player. After a while Jesse became famous for his beyond average football skills and everybody in school loved to have Jesse on his side during a football match.

Although he was shorter than other kids in Jesse Lingard age, his pace and technique gave him the upper hand and made him one of the most talented kids in his school. Because of that,

Jesse Lingard parents

decided to put their son in a football academy in order to develop his talents and skills. Therefore they signed up little Jesse in Penketh United Academy. But it didn’t take long for the managers of Penketh United Academy to realize that Jess Lingard has some big potential and could benefit from a higher level football academy.

So after a few months when Jesse Lingard was just eight years old, he moved to the Manchester United Football Academy. One of the

top facts about Jesse Lingard

is that before he joins the Penketh United Academy, he used to play for Fletcher Moss Rangers which is located at West Didsbury, Manchester. It is the same football club that developed some well-known football players such as Wes Brown,

Marcus Rashford

, and Danny Welbeck.

Top Facts About Jesse Lingard Parents and Family

Jesse Lingard has a good and solid relationship with his family. Although there are not much top facts about Jesse Lingard family members, we know that he has an elder brother named Louie and two younger brother and sister. In 2018 when Jesse was one of the key players of England squad in the

FIFA World Cup

in Russia, his brother Louie was in Russia to support Jesse and his teammates.

Then in the middle of tournament, Jesse Lingard posted a picture of himself holding a phone with this caption: “No mum, I’m not coming home. It’s...” referring to England that is about to win the World cup. That post took social media by storm and it was enough for Kristy, Jesse’s mom, to fly all the way down from England to Russia to watch his son trying to bring IT home! Although England didn’t manage to reach to the finals after losing to Croatia in semi-finals, the pictures of Jesse Lingard hugging his mother in the stands will be remembered for ever.

Supporting each other in the Lingards family isn’t a one-way road. Just a few years after the Russia World Cup, it was Jesse’s turn to take care of his siblings and support his mother Kristy when she was struggling with depression. Jesse talked about this recently and told that it was such a hard time that even impacted his form in Manchester United since he wasn’t able to give his 100% to the team. That explains why after putting a decent performance in the World Cup, Jesse didn’t live up to expectation in Manchester United and became a bench warmer.

Top Facts About Jesse Lingard Girlfriend

Before Jesse Lingard introduce himself as a professional football player who makes a lot money playing for a big club like Manchester United, he was dating a beautiful girl named Emma Hyde. At that time Jesse was a youth player in Manchester United Academy and didn’t make much money from playing football. Later

Jesse Lingard girlfriend

, Emma said in an interview that she was the one paying the bills and taking care of Jesse back then. Even when Jesse suffered an injury, Emma supported him during the recovery time at the cost of quitting her job.

But things didn’t end well between Jesse and Emma. When Jesse made his way to

Manchester United

senior team, he became famous and was making a huge chunk of money. Then he decided to end his relationship with Emma Hyde and Emma didn’t take that easy at all. First Emma was made to leave the apartment she was living in since it was Jesse who rent the place. Then she realized that her luxury car, which Jesse gave her as a present, was gone. She got so pissed that even tried to report a car theft for that but the police said since it was officially Jesse’s car and he used his own key to take it, there was no theft to report.

Things were getting ugly after the breakup but Emma was still hoping for Jesse to come around and even was thinking about marring him in the future. But Jesse had other ideas. He asked her out some time later and apparently in that date Jesse made it clear that there is no future for them as a couple. After that they both moved on and up to this day, Jesse Lingard didn’t experience another long-term relationship.

Jesse Lingard Children

You would except from a wealthy football player at Jesse Lingard age to have children of course. But we can’t talk about

Jesse Lingard children

since he has only one baby girl named Hope. Hope’s mother is Rebecca Halliday who is a 35 years old manager at a fitness firm. Also there are some shots of Rebecca modeling some fitness wear so we could assume that she is a fitness model too. Jesse and Rebecca met on a night out after one of Manchester United games against Everton and soon after that Jesse got the news that he is about to become a father.

 Rebecca isn’t Jesse Lingard girlfriend at the moment but she has a friendly relationship with Jesse and they are both taking care of their little girl, Hope. Jesse Lingard seems very happy that he is a father now and as he mentioned recently, Jesse is trying to make his daughter proud of him and Hope has been one of the best parts of

Jesse Lingard personal life

. Especially after some dark days because of Jesse’s mother condition, having a beautiful baby girl could help a lot.

Jesse Lingard Net Worth and Salary

Although he started his career at Manchester United which is one of the richest football clubs in the world,

Jesse Lingard net worth

is not that high that you would expect from a player who spent most of his career at Man United. That’s because at his early years in the senior level, United decided to loan him out to several clubs and he wasn’t get paid as much as a top level English footballer such as

Raheem Sterling

. Now at the age of 28, Jesse Lingard net worth is estimated to be at least €30M.

In 2017 Jesse signed his latest contract with Manchester United. With this contract Jesse Lingard salary is €3M per year. Which means

Jesse Lingard salary

is €250,000 per month. In order to have a clear idea of how much money is that, imagine that an average man in England should work at least seven years to earn as much as Jesse Lingard earns in a single month. Currently he has one year left of his contract but we couldn’t say for certain if Manchester United is willing to give him a new contract with higher salary.

Jesse Lingard Social Media Accounts and Personal Life

Jesse Lingard is a famous and popular figure on social media. Actually

Jesse Lingard social media accounts

are the most followed accounts comparing to his teammates at West Ham.

 Jesse Lingard Instagram account

has about 6.6M followers,

Jesse Lingard Twitter account

has nearly 2M followers and he also has a

Facebook account

with 5.1M followers! One of the many reasons of Jesse Lingard popularity on social media is his goal celebrations on the pitch. He has so many dance moves in his repertoire to perform after scoring a goal and one of them is the dab dance.

One of the

top facts about Jesse Lingard

goal celebrations is that because of dab dancing after scoring goals, the fans started to give him the nickname “Dabberman”. He also had some other dance moves for goal celebrations which was quite nerve racking if he performed them after scoring against your team!  These days he prefers to stick to his signature celebration which is pictured below. He uses his hands to make the shape of J and L which refers to his name: Jesse Lingard.

With a quick look at Jesse Lingard personal life, you would realize his love for sport cars and spending money to customize them. At the time of writing this article, Jesse Lingard has been seen with the following cars: a new Bentley Continental GT, a Range Rover Sport, and a Mercedes C62S AMG. So it’s fair to say that Jesse Lingard is passionate about luxurious cars and he is not shy to show them off.

Jesse Lingard Transfermarket Stats

Currently Jesse Lingard market value is estimated about €15.00m which makes him one of the top 100 most valuable English football players. As mentioned in this article, Jesse Lingard was always a Manchester United player throughout his whole career but he experienced some short loan spells at his early years. One of the

top facts about Jesse Lingard Transfermarket stats

is that he had his debut game on senior level for

Leicester City

when he was 19 years old in 2012. Nigel Pearson was the coach that gave him the chance to make his debut game on the Championship.

At Manchester United it was the Dutch coach Louis van Gaal who introduced Jesse Lingard to the Red Devils fans. On the August of 2014 in a League match against Swansea City, Jesse Lingard played his first ever game for Manchester United at the age of 21 years old. But again he was loaned out to gain some more experience. In the time span of 2012-2015 Jesse Lingard was loaned out to Leicester City, Birmingham,


, and Derby County. It was at 2015 that finally he found his place in the Man United squad and became a regular starter for them.

Top Facts About Jesse Lingard Stats and Jersey Number

Jesse Lingard has played 249 games for Manchester United and managed to score 33 goals and produce 20 assists in those games. When you look at

Jesse Lingard stats

it’s good to keep in mind that after Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement there were several seasons that Man United was struggling in the

Premier League

. Surely that had its impacts on players and Jesse Lingard was no exception. That would explain why Jesse Lingard stats were not too impressive in his early years as an attacking midfielder. Also Jesse Lingard has played 27 international games for England and scored 4 goals and assisted 4 times for the Three Lions.

After some poor seasons under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Man United, in the winter of 2021 the club decided to loan him out again. Especially with the EURO games coming up next summer, Jesse Lingard needed a place to play regularly and save his chances to play for England in the EUROs. That’s why he joined West Ham and moved to London. Since then he was reborn and became one of the best attackers in the Premier League. Jesse Lingard stats at West Ham are 9 goals and 4 assists in just 11 games which is extraordinary!

Jesse Lingard jersey number at West Ham is number 11 but that’s not his preferred number. At Manchester United Jesse wears the Number 14 and he admitted that it is his favorite number because the Arsenal legend Thierry Henry used to wear it. So it’s fair to say that Thierry Henry was one of Jesse’s childhood heroes but certainly he wasn’t the only one. One of the top facts about Jesse Lingard is that he always admired the Spaniard creative midfielder Andres Iniesta although he plays in a deeper position than Jesse Lingard.

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