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“Liverpool keep making the same mistakes” - Robertson

Mon 26 April 2021 | 8:15

The Reds are at risk of not getting qualified for the Champions League as they sit sixth on the Premier League table, four points adrift of the top-four.

Andy Robertson

expressed his frustration as


repeat the “same mistake” this season, with the current

Premier League

champions at risk of not finishing in the top four.

Jurgen Klopp

’s side was the center of attention and expectation following their accomplishment of grabbing the title after a 30-year wait last season.

Liverpool have taken a huge step back, with injury setbacks making it harder for them to fight back and defend their title. The Scotland international believes that the Reds have made the habit of harming themselves as they endured a 1-1 draw with


, courtesy of Callum Wilson’s goal being ruled out.

Robertson said:

"It pretty much sums up our season. We don't learn our lessons, we keep on doing the same thing making the same mistakes.

"Newcastle deserved their goal, the two of them, I think that rule is ridiculous.

"We could be sitting here with a defeat, which is baffling with the amount of chances we had, the first half and even second half and the control.

"What we were based on was that we were so good at seeing out results and we can't do that just now. It's as simple as that.

"Teams always have a chance against us, they always build in confidence the last 10 minutes and believe they can get something. That's not like us.

"We can't keep on coming out and speaking a good game, we're not doing it on the pitch and games are running out."

The deadlock against Newcastle has seen Klopp’s side sit sixth on the table, four points behind the top four.

The Scotland international added:

"This club is a Champions League team.

"We got to the quarters-finals this year - and we are still disappointed with that - and two finals in the space of four years and won the Premier League comfortably last year, so to not have Champions League football next year would deflate the whole club, of course it would.

"This club is based on fighting to the end and that's what we need to do.

"Even if we win the next five games it might still not be enough but we need to put that pressure on the teams.

"There have just been too many games this season where we've dropped too many points. Against the bottom six, if you've only picked five points up at home then unfortunately you are going to fall short of your target."

Liverpool will return to action on Sunday to face

Manchester United


source: SportMob