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Dias happy to be among the Player of the Year favourites

Sat 24 April 2021 | 10:18

Although the Portuguese admits he’s flattered by the suggestions, he insists his focus is on winning trophies.

“To be spoken of in those terms is a tremendous privilege for me,” Dias said concerning the Player of the Year awards. “It is something that makes me feel good, makes me feel that my work is being well done.

“But essentially, what it tells me, is that the team is having success. For me, to be on that shortlist, especially as a defender, it can only mean the team won and had success. That, for me, is the biggest thing.

“If you said to me that in your first year in the Premier League you can win the Player of the Year, it would be amazing. But, what I really want in my first year is to win the Premier League. That would be my biggest achievement.”

Pairing with John Stones at the heart of the City’s defense, Dias was essential to the Citizens’ stunning season. However, he’s eager to share the credit.

“People can talk about me and John, but as well talk about every other relationship we have on the field between two, three, all of the 11 players playing on the field," he added.

"It is going to war and thinking ‘okay, you’re in trouble, I will help you out and be there for you. Whenever you make a mistake I will be there for you. Whenever you are not in the best mood or the best moment, I will be there for you'. We have just grown that culture since the beginning."

source: SportMob