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It was unpleasant to be threatened by the UEFA - Danilo

Fri 23 April 2021 | 18:10

The Bianconeri full-back Danilo believes 'we need changes to save football post-COVID' and felt the threats from the UEFA and FIFA were not at all pleasant.


could face punishments from the UEFA, who also warned players who would play in the breakaway competition would be banned from the World Cup and Euros.


said he doesn't know if the ESL would be the suitable alternative but thinks football requires some changes after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think that if the 12 clubs have accepted this new project, it is because they have seen that there’s a need for some changes in football.

“I don’t know if the Super League project would be the right one, but now we will have to speak all together to make some changes, also to save football.

“COVID has affected every aspect of life and football has not been spared. I think that if the UEFA were really worried about the players, they wouldn’t have made us travel so much in the midst of a pandemic and they wouldn’t have made us play so much in this difficult year.

“For me, as a footballer, it was not at all pleasant to be threatened by the UEFA and FIFA.”


battle for a Champions League spot as they are 2 points clear from fifth-placed


There are no teams that are scarier or stronger than another,

” Danilo said.

“There are many teams separated by a few points, that’s the reality


“I think we have to focus on ourselves and try to win all the games we have to play until the end. If that happens, then we will certainly qualify for the Champions League once again.”

The Brazilian also pointed at the Coppa Italia Final against


next month.

“We had a good season, since it was a year of change and it’s never easy to change that much and be able to play good games and win them all.

“However, I think that if we win the Coppa Italia and finish second, this will be a good season.”

Juventus will face Fiorentina on Sunday at Artemio Franchi. The Bianconeri lost their first leg to the La Viola in Turin and will play for revenge in this match.

Before and after the game against Fiorentina, we managed some good performances, going out on the pitch with the right attitude and winning many games,”

Danilo continued.

“It was a heavy defeat, as well as the others. Sunday’s match will be tough, just like it was in the first leg.

“Fiorentina have good players, as well as the motivation to play against Juventus, something that every team tries to exploit in their favour, to do better and better.”

Danilo then spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo and his controversial reactions in recent games.

“Cristiano is like this, it’s nothing new,” Danilo added. “He was like that in Madrid, he’s always been like that here too.

“He needs to score to be happier, he gets angry when he doesn’t score. He still has this motivation despite having scored a lot in his career, but he always wants to keep scoring.

“Cristiano, however, knows that the team goal is prioritised over his personal goals, so the day after any match he is already focused on winning the next.”



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