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Top Facts About Ilary Blasi, Francesco Totti's Stunning Wife

Sat 24 April 2021 | 4:30

Ilary Blasi is an Italian model, showgirl, and television personality. She is the wife of former Italian footballer Francesco Totti.

The first fact about Ilary Blasi is that she used to be a child actress. Ilary Blasi is a co-host of the Italia 1 show, Le Iene. Blasi married

AS Roma

icon Francesco Totti in 2005. They have three children. Totti, the former football player, has much love for his wife. He indicated that love by having goal celebrations specifically for Ilary on several occasions.

This couple attracts the interests of the paparazzi. Italian magazines and tabloids refer to Blasi and Totti as "Italian Beckhams". Ilary Blasi was one of the contestants of the Miss Italia pageant in 1998 and she was awarded the Miss Cinema title.

Some Facts About Ilary Blasi, Francesco Totti's Stunning Wife:

The love life of Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti is going so well. There are rumors about the possibility of having another child in their family. After Totti's retirement in 2017, he has more time to spend with his family and this is a great opportunity for Ilary. Ilary Blasi's career in television is at its top now. Read on to find out more

facts about Ilary Blasi


Ilary Blasi's Early Life

Ilary Blasi was born in Roma.

Ilary Blasi's parents

are Daniela and Roberto Blasi. Her mother, Daniela, named her after one of her favorite heroines because Daniela was a fan of western movies. Ilary has two sisters. Silvia is her older sister, who is the first child of the family. The youngest daughter of the Blasi family is Melory. Melory's name was also chosen by her mother, just like Ilary.

Ilary was born on April 28, 1981. She started her TV career pretty soon because of her mother.

Ilary Blasi's age

was only three when she got her first job. Melory is nine years younger than Ilary so she wasn't born yet at the time. It all started when a neighbor told her mother that a brand is looking for a child model for an advertisement.

Daniela pursued the rumor and it turned out Galbusera company was doing a TV advertisement for Panettone. They required a blonde little girl with blue eyes. Daniela took Ilary to the casting and she got the role in the commercial. Ilary Blasi's childhood was mixed with her professional life.

Ilary Blasi's Love Life

One of the

facts about Ilary Blasi

is that she’s married Francesco Totti in 2005, when she was 24 years old. They were engaged for about two years before the marriage. In those two years, Ilary and Francesco grew very fond of each other.

In 2005, Ilary gave birth to their first child, and afterward they planned a wonderful wedding. At the time, Ilary was a famous TV personality and her husband was the captain of Roma. This lovely couple married on June 19, 2005, at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli. The wedding had TV coverage. Despite the pregnancy before the marriage, Ilary looked so good in her wedding dress.

Totti was a phenomenal player and scored so many goals. He used to kiss his ring for a goal celebration to show his love to Ilary. During Ilary's pregnancy, Totti used another goal celebration by putting the ball under his shirt. His celebration didn't end there. He sucked his thumb. Many people believed that was a sign of children's breastfeeding, but it is for Ilary. "Many people thought that the finger in the mouth, a hint of children. Then the children were born, and they said that this is how I say Hello to them. But this is for Ilary" Francesco says.

Christian is their first child, who was born in 2005. Two years later, they had their second child. A daughter named Chanel joined this lovely family. The last one is also a girl. With nine years gap, the couple gave birth to their third child, Isabel, in 2016.

Totti is by far the most popular Roma player ever. "You Know, being Totti's wife is humiliating," Ilary Blasi said about Totti in the show Che tempo che fa. " When we go out together, everyone pays attention only to him – even men."

At the beginning of this relationship, when they were introduced to each other, Ilary didn't know about Totti's fame because she was far from football at the time. The couple didn't deny that they want the fourth child.

Ilary Blasi’s Career

A fact about Ilary Blasi is that she was in show business from the early years of her life. She got her first advertisement role at the age of three. She was five years old when she made her debut in cinema.One year later, Ilary had a role in "Da grande" a movie directed by Franco Amurri. This movie inspired the international blockbuster movie "Big" starring Tom Hanks. Ilary played a small role as the girl playing hide-and-seek. Ilary appeared in various advertisements and has some short roles as a kid.

In the 1990s, Ilary started her career as a model. She worked as a photography model and walked the runways for some of the fashion shows. In 1998, she was the number 22 contestant in the Miss Italia pageant. She was 17 years old, wearing a Miss Cinema Lazio belt. Joining the cast of the Passaparola show in Canale 5 was a breakthrough for her. She was one of the six members of the dance troupe called "Letterine". Letterine means little letters because the show was a word quiz game.

The next show she got was on the Rai 2 channel in a version of Top of the Pops. Ilary hosted Fabio Fazio's new talk show, "Che tempo che fa" in 2003. Che tempo che fa (How's the weather?) is a late-night weekly talk show aired on Rai 3. Ilary was on this show until 2004. In March 2004, Ilary hosted the Italian women's day special episode of "Le Iene show". In 2005 Ilary returned to Che tempo che fa besides Fabio Fazio. She also hosted CD: Live on Rai 2 channel that year, but this busy year ended temporarily due to her pregnancy.

In 2006, Ilary Blasi had a great return by being one of the three presenters of the 56th annual Sanremo Music Festival. She also hosted Festivalbar in the same year. Before her second child, Ilary appeared in Le Iene show alongside the duo of comedians "Luca e Paolo" (Bizzarri and Kessisoglu). 2007 was a very busy year for Ilary Blasi. In September, she hosted "Mai dire candid". Since then, she is a regular TV personality in many programs.

Ilary Blasi Social Media

Speaking of 

Ilary Blasi’s social media

, it should be mentioned that she is very popular in Italy and her Instagram page (


) has 1.7 million followers. Her husband Francesco Totti has four million followers on Instagram. They post many beautiful photos together. Her sister Melory also has an active Instagram account and, as the sister-in-law of the king of Rome, regularly publishes Instagram shots that portray her with her sister on or her niece Chanel at her birthday party, of her childhood with Ilary.

Some of Ilary's fans in social media are concerned about her looks after cosmetic surgeries. Ilary in response, showed herself without makeup on Instagram and surprised her fans by showing off her natural beauty that leaves you breathless at the age of 39.

Ilary Blasi's Body Measurements

Ilary Blasi’s height is 167 cm which means she is five feet and six inches tall. Her weight is around 55 kg (121.25 lbs).

Ilary Blasi's body measurements

are 33-26-36 inches. Ilary Blasi has beautiful blue eyes and classical, straight blonde hair. Ilary’s feet (shoe) size is 7 (US), her bra size is 32B, and the dress size is 4 (US). She has some tattoos on her body, mainly her arm. The arm tattoo is pretty famous in social media.

Ilary Blasi's Husband, Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti is a former football player and AS Roma legend. He is one of the most notable one-club men in football history. He joined the youth squad of Roma in 1989 while he was 13 years old. After three years, he was good enough for the senior team. He made his

Serie A

debut on March 28, 1993, against Brescia. 1994-95 was the season Totti became a regular name of Roma's line-up and he scored his first goal. Totti's age was 22 when he inherited the number 10 shirt and captain armband of Roma. He was the youngest Serie A captain ever.

Carlo Mazzone and Zdeněk Zeman helped Totti to develop his skills and become the main man in the team. In 1999 Totti won the Serie A Young Footballer of the Year award. Upcoming season, he won the Serie A Footballer of the Year. Fabio Capello joined Roma and ran Scudetto campaign for Roma. Totti, at the end of the season, won the Scudetto with Roma. It was the third time Giallorossi won an Italian league title.

Totti was a technically gifted and intelligent playmaker. He's leadership skills helped Rome for more than a decade. He won two Coppa Italia and two Supercoppa Italiana with Roma. Roman fans used to call him "Il Capitano". In 2000s, Totti was on the peak of his career. His amazing performance for

Italy national team

was vital in 2006 FIFA World Cup championship. Totti scored 25 goals in the 2006-07 season, which awarded him the European Golden Shoe.

Many big football clubs approached Totti to persuade him to join their team, but "Il Capitano" was always loyal to Roma, even with the most tempting offers. Totti holds many historic records for Roma, including the All-time goal scorer and appearances for the club. He scored 250 goals for the club, which is the second most goal in the history of Serie A.

Francesco Totti's Career

Totti spent whole his club career in AS Roma. He was a member of Roma's squad for 25 Serie A seasons. Totti had 619 Serie A appearances and 786 in total. Throughout his career, Totti has played in almost all the offensive roles due to his flexible style of play. He was a perfect Trequartista as a classic number 10. A trequartista is a playmaker who operates behind the strikers but in front of the midfield, having both goalscoring abilities and a playmaker mind.

Totti was a second striker at the beginning, when coach Vujadin Boškov called him up for the first time. Zdeněk Zeman had a great influence on Totti. He moved Il Capitano to the left wing and gave him the number 10 and later appointed him as the captain. Fabio Cappello used Totti as a creative attacking midfielder and won the league with this system. Later, Antonio Cassano and Totti formed a very lovable duo in the front line of Roma, with fluid roles as two strikers.

On some points, he even served the team as a central midfielder. In his late career, despite losing the agility, Totti remained a great gift for the team as super sup. He was a free kick expert too and scored 21 goals from free kicks in Serie A. Only three players have scored more goals from the free kicks. Totti is the oldest player to score a brace in Serie A. He has the third most Serie A appearances behind

Gianluigi Buffon

and Paolo Maldini and above Javier Zanetti.

Another expertise he had was the perfect touch. He had his own trademark backheels and cheap shots. On September 30, 2014, just three days after his 38th birthday, Totti scored one of his most memorable, cheap goals in a Champions League group stage match against

Manchester City

. By scoring that goal, he became the oldest scorer in the history of the Champions League. He scored many vital goals, including his 11 goals in Rome's derby against



In 2015, Totti scored a brace against Lazio in the Derby Della Capitale while Roma was 2 goals down. In his goal celebration, he took a selfie with Roma fans with his phone. It is one of the most famous goal celebrations of football.

Francesco Totti's Personal Life

Francesco Totti was born on September 27, 1976, in Rome. His parents are Lorenzo and Fiorella Totti. As a young boy, Totti played football with older boys and dreamt of being a player like Roma captain Giuseppe Giannini. In 2005, his wedding with Ilary Blasi was aired live on television. The couple has three children: a boy named Cristian and two daughters named Chanel and Isabel.

Totti's brother Riccardo is his right hand in the business. They run a football academy and many other football facilities for youngsters. Totti owns a motorcycle racing team named Totti Top Sport. Totti lost his father due to COVID-19 on October 12, 2020.

Totti is a well-known philanthropist. He became a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF in 2003. Many of Totti's activities include children. He is a hero for many children.In 2020, a documentary named "My Name Is Francesco Totti" created by the Italian director Alex Infascelli, was launched. Ninety two percent of Google users liked this film.

Ilary Blasi's Net Worth and Salary


Ilary Blasi's net worth and salary

, it should be mentioned that she has a net worth of $1.5 Million - $5.5 Million at the age of 38 years old. Ilary Blasi’s income source is mostly from being a showgirl but the exact number is not known.




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