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Reasons why Barcelona defend the Super League project's been revealed

Thu 22 April 2021 | 5:29

As the headline of the recent news, 12 European elite clubs agreed on a new continental format named ‘Super League’, which is designed to replace the Champions League.

According to

Mundo Deportivo

, although the six English clubs have resigned from the participation, Barcelona are continuing with the project on the condition they can leave whenever they want.

With a green light from the Blaugrana’s Assembly of Committees, the Catalan giants entered the Super League as they found it as an attractive competition as well as an opportunity that could help them in their pandemic-related financial struggles.

Along with Real Madrid, Barcelona seem stay put in the competition while they are considering reflections on the competition’s viability, and decide what the next steps to take are.

In addition, the Blaugrana believe that they had valid reasons to participate in Florentino Perez’s offered plans, and UEFA and its chief, Aleksandr Ceferin, need to cede ground.

source: SportMob