Roma speak out against European Super League

Tue 20 April 2021 | 17:24

Roma have released a statement on the club's official website to speak out against plans for the new European Super League, saying that they are opposed to this ‘closed’ tournament.



AC Milan

, and


would be joined in the Super League by six Premier League clubs and three La Liga teams.

Real Madrid

and Super League chairman

Florentino Perez

said clubs like Roma and Napoli could be invited in the future, but the Giallorossi don't seem to be interested in taking part in the competition.

“We would like to address our incredible fans and supporters on the recent announcement of a breakaway “super league,"

the club's

official statement



“AS Roma is strongly opposed to this 'closed' system, as it fundamentally flies in the face of the spirit of the game that we all love.

“Some things are more important than money, and we remain firmly committed to Italian football on a domestic level, and to fair, open European competitions for all. We look forward to continuing to work with Lega Serie A, the Italian Federation, ECA and UEFA to grow and develop the game of football in Italy and around the world.

“Fans and grassroots football are at the core of our sport, and this must never be forgotten.”

source: SportMob