UEFA is preparing a counter-attack in the Super League

Tue 20 April 2021 | 17:09

Plans for a breakaway competition called the European Super League were made public by the 12 founding clubs in an official statement. The competition is set to be held with 20 clubs, including 15 founding clubs and five clubs that qualify based on their previous season’s performance.

Over the past two days, UEFA officials and the presidents of 12 founding clubs have had involved in a heated clash. It now appears that UEFA has taken the fight a step further and intends to significantly increase the funding for European competitions with a new program.

Mohamed Bouhafsi, football chief editor on RMCsport, has 


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UEFA is preparing a counter-attack in the Super League. UEFA is working with english investment fund to come up with new LOC that would have a starting budget of 4.5 billion € but which could go up to 7 "billion.



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source: SportMob