Boris Johnson: No action is off the table to stop the Super League

Tue 20 April 2021 | 13:40

England's Primer Minister says the government will "explore every possibility" to stop the proposed competition.

As the backlash against the proposed European Super League continues, England’s Primer Minister

Boris Johnson

has spoken about the government’s firm determination to stop the breakaway plans. Six Premier League clubs (including Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham, Manchester City, and Tottenham) are among the Super League’s founding clubs. They are joined by three Spanish sides (Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, and Real Madrid) and three Italian clubs (Juventus, Inter, and AC Milan) as the other members of the new competition. The clubs announced their plans for the Super League in a


on Sunday, but since then they have faced a huge backlash from football and government officials. A new number 10 statement said:

"The prime minister confirmed the government will not stand by while a small handful of owners create a closed shop.

"He was clear that no action is off the table and the government is exploring every possibility, including legislative options, to ensure these proposals are stopped."

The new competition has also been condemned by FIFA and UEFA, who have threatened to ban the Super League players from participating in their domestic leagues in addition to international competitions. Downing Street also did not rule out speaking to ministers in other countries in order to co-operate in their efforts to stop the breakaway competition.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman said:

"I think we're fairly unequivocal that we don't want this to go ahead in the current form, so we would welcome any club that wants to step back from this approach but I think, as far as I'm aware, that's speculation at this stage."

He added:

"We are keen to speak to everyone involved in this, from other countries to the Premier League and others."

source: SportMob
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