Pep Guardiola's comments about the Super League

Tue 20 April 2021 | 12:54

The Manchester City manager believes if the Super League does not create a relationship between ‘the effort and the reward’, it cannot be considered sport.

Manchester City


Pep Guardiola

decided to share his thoughts on the European Super League.


A few hours before the statement was released, I think like my other colleagues,"

he said.

"They told me it is going to release a statement. The statement is still there but no-one speaks clearly with more details what is going to happen. We are still in this position."

When quizzed whether it was fair that he had to talk about the ESL plans that he wasn’t aware of, he added:

"It is an honour! I am a good spokesperson! We speak six times a week in a press conference. We speak about the virus and the NHS and Covid. Ask whatever you want, I'm going to say what I feel but honestly we are not the right people to answer these questions.

"There is a president that can talk more clearly what the idea is for the future about where football wants to go. It is uncomfortable for us because we don't have all the information.

"I can give you my opinion on what I know today but there is just a statement and no more than that. I would love the president of the committee to go all round the world and explain the reason why.

"I support my club, I know the people and I am part of this club but I also have my own opinion. I would love to be clear when we have all the information. That's why for all of us managers in the six teams it is uncomfortable."

Guardiola pronounced his opposition to a competition that does not promote or relegate.

He said:

"It is not sport when the relation between effort and success doesn't exist


The City boss then went on asking the owners to clarify the situation.

He said:

"[The European Super League] is an embryo that is not yet breathing. That is the reality. We're going to play the Champions League next week and try to reach the final and next season we're going to play European competitions because we deserve it and won it on the pitch.

"The players have to be focused on Aston Villa. Like all the mangers said, we did our job. The right people have to clarify, they have the obligation and duty as soon as possible to come out all around the world and clarify what the situation is and why they took their decisions.

"Ajax have four or five CL but will not be there? They have to clarify that for all of us. Every club defends its position. Don't be cynical. Everyone makes their own interests. When you talk about the Premier League and UEFA, they look after their interests.

"UEFA have also failed. They have to communicate and be in touch before. They have to clarify because I don't have all the information to give my opinion. We fought about five substitutions and every team looked at themselves."

source: SportMob