Neymar dreamed of playing against Messi - ESL general secretary

Tue 20 April 2021 | 12:11

Anas Laghrari defends the Super League and explains how the competition will help football.

Twelve elite European clubs have joined forces to form a competition called the European Super League. As expected, UEFA and FIFA have openly opposed the competition, and many clubs, fans and players have taken a stand against the Super League in recent days.

In an interview with

Le Parisien

, Super League general secretary

Anas Laghrari

has defended the competition, and explained how it will benefit the world football and how it ‘makes people dream’.

"We want to create a platform for the best football. A competition that everyone wants to see, that makes people dream,"

Laghrari said.

"The younger generations are less interested in football, they focus on playing on their console or whatever and only log in for the big games. But these big games rarely happen.

"There is also a frustration among players who want to play these big games against these great players. Neymar dreamed of playing against Messi.

"He was injured and maybe will not ever be able to play against Messi again.

"We are ready to sit around a table with UEFA, we only ask for a dialogue. In case of disagreement? Everything could start in five months."

He added:

"Football is an area that doesn't make money. There is real frustration with this unstable system, based on a club's results in the Champions League.

"A manager makes a three-year plan, but he can have a difference of several hundred million euros depending on results. We have a solidarity committee that will oversee the distribution of funds and ensure transparency.

"We are talking about 400 million euros, it's huge."

source: SportMob
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