Milan are proud to remain an important part of the Serie A – Gazidis

Tue 20 April 2021 | 11:29

Milan CEO explains to sponsors how the Super League will benefit the Rossoneri and the world football in general.

12 elite clubs, including


, have joined together to form a new midweek competition called the European Super League.

The formation of such competition has been widely criticized by many football fans and experts around the world, however, Milan CEO

Ivan Gazidis

believes the Super League will be ‘the beginning of an exciting new chapter in football’.

Gazidis wrote to Milan sponsors, explaining why and how this competition will benefit football.

The letter reads:

“Dear partners, as an important part of the Milan family, I wanted to write to you about the announcement last night on the future of European football.

“Milan are pleased to confirm that they are one of the 12 main European clubs that have come together to create a new midweek competition, the Super League.

“The goal is to create a format in which the best teams compete more regularly, improving the overall quality and intensity of European football.

“We are confident that this new 20-team competition will capture the imaginations of billions of football fans around the world and will represent the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the game of football.

“The football industry, like many others, has recently gone through a period of significant financial instability and hardship, accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Super League will provide value and support to the entire football pyramid with increased financial resources, significantly increasing solidarity payments to national leagues and grassroots football.

“With also the creation of a corresponding women’s league, which will represent a transformative step forward for women’s football. At the same time as the commitment to create this new European tournament, the founding clubs are also making a long-term commitment to their domestic championships.

“Serie A will remain the most important weekend competition in Italy and Milan are proud to remain an important part of the pinnacle of Italian football. The clubs look forward to holding discussions with FIFA and UEFA and all other football institutions to work together in partnership to provide a structure that will be beneficial to football as a whole.

“This is an exciting time for the Club, for you as our partner and for European football. We look forward to taking this journey with you and we will keep you updated on developments as the project progresses."

source: SportMob