"They are scavengers, they need booting out!" - Ex-Red Devils star

Tue 20 April 2021 | 0:28

Former Man Utd defender, Gary Neville was furious at the review on Sunday and has called the Glazer family "scavengers" and has pushed them to give away Manchester United and depart England

There are 12 teams, including

the Red Devils

, that have confirmed to play in the offered Super League.

“I’ve stayed quiet over the Glazer family on the basis that it’s still Manchester United, I can still watch them play, I can still be happy and sad,"

he said on

Sky Sports


"If they take dividends out, I can live with that slightly. I can’t live with them attacking every football fan in this country.

"They’ve overstepped the mark. They are scavengers, they need booting out of this football club and out of this country.

"They are taking the honesty and integrity of our competition.

“What's the point? They take everything away from this country. The pyramid, the sincerity of competition. The honesty and integrity of the competition that we value, they are taking it away.

“We know Manchester United have got more money, Liverpool have got more money, Arsenal have got more money. We can live with that. 

“They are trying to take that away to create franchise football. It cannot happen

“I hope these six owners are at home panting, and feeling uncomfortable and their stomachs are churning.”

The north London teams are fighting this season, with Spurs firing Jose Mourinho earlier on Monday, and Neville's surprised that they have seized an oppurtunity.

"Arsenal and Tottenham, I’d rather watch the champions of San Marino than those two,” Neville added. "How those two have wangled their way in ...They are a joke to watch.”



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source: SportMob
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