McTominay hails his talented team-mate Greenwood

Mon 19 April 2021 | 19:00

McTominay insists that his young team-mate Mason Greenwood has a great potential.

Manchester United’s

Scottish star has talked about his fellow academy graduate

Mason Greenwood

praising his high-quality performance for the Red Devils.


insists that Greenwood has a kind of talent that is found every 10 years, hailing his finishing ability and his mentality.

Here is what McTominay has told the club’s

official website

about Manchester United’s young talent Mason Greenwood:

“He’s a talent that comes along probably every 10 years- but I’d probably say longer, he’s that good, the way he finishes, the way he moves.

“It’s brilliant to see him play with a smile on his face, that’s the way we all know Mason. Now he’s starting to score more and more goals which is really good for us.

“For the senior lads, it’s keeping his head down and focused every single game and in training, not letting him get distracted by other things that are going on.

“It’s important that he really kicks on now and he is doing because he’s got a brilliant manager there to really push him.”

Mason Greenwood’s form has helped his side in their battle in the Premier League as they keep fighting in the second place, eight points away from Manchester City that sits in the leading position.

source: SportMob
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