Tuchel doesn’t want to be distracted by Super League talks

Mon 19 April 2021 | 16:53

Chelsea boss says that he will wait for the board’s decision and doesn’t want to get distracted by the Super League talks.


decision to be a part of the new competition in continental level has been criticized by the fans, and the Blues’ boss has talked about the matter, insisting that despite his interest in a big competition he doesn’t want to worry about such matters and wants to focus on his job and his team.

Here is what the German manager has said about the Super League conversations:

“I have known about it since yesterday but I’m here to be in the hardest competition.

“That’s what I love, to play the toughest competitions in Europe. That’s why I’m at Chelsea.”

Despite showing his interest in a big competition,


insists that he doesn’t want to be distracted in such a decisive stage of the season.

“I don’t get involved with all these subjects around us, I’m a bit sad all these subjects are around now, I thought we could talk about Man City and the Brighton game. That’s maybe not the case today.

“I want to play these club competitions, I trust the club to make the right decisions and it’s too early to judge everything and it’s not my part.

“On my badge from Chelsea it says I have to play my role. My role is to be coach, to be focused and we have an important game coming up tomorrow.”

source: SportMob