Klopp to save Liverpool’s season with top-four finish

Mon 19 April 2021 | 9:31

Currently sixth in the Premier League, the Reds are only three points behind fourth-place West Ham and two points behind fifth-place Chelsea as they prepare for a Monday clash with Burnley.

"I'm not sure how the people outside see that, [but] for us we can make this season still a success [by] qualifying for the Champions League," he said. "Because we won the league last year, that doesn't mean the only thing what is possible for us to be a success would be winning the league – that would be really mad.

"That's the problem why a lot of teams then get problems after winning something. We are not in that mood. We don't chase our own shadow or however you want to say that, and say, 'Oh my God, how can we get that good again?' No, no, no. We know about all the necessary steps and all these kind of things we have to do.

"Yes, we are in a situation and we were before. And we know we have to be in that mood and we have to chase everybody – the team we play and all the others without playing them, but not in the same moment, just around that, that we really put pressure on them. That's how it is. We felt it. I'm not sure if it was '17 but maybe it was when Chelsea came up, they were winning all the time and it's different.

"If we go in a game, I think, 'OK, if we win it's good. If not, it's not so important. Then oh my God, Chelsea won again.' So you go in the game in a different mood – we know that. We still did it, [we] made it that year but it was tricky. We can only make it difficult for the other teams and the only way we can make it difficult for them is by winning our own games. That's the way we try to use."

On Jordan Henreson’s injury situation, Klopp continued: "I don't know. He's not in training yet – I think we can say that and all the rest we will see.

"It makes just not too much sense, and I don't know it really, to make this kind of – in German we say 'water-level announcements' – running commentaries. 

"I don't know. He looks good, that's the good news, but not in training yet."

source: SportMob