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Tue 20 April 2021 | 7:30

If you are one of the football fans who follow the football world events, you probably know that the news around young players is as hot as the other ones. Following the challenges they have launched, we decided to introduce one of them via today's article, top facts about Florian Wirtz.

Although the professional players, who have entered the football world years ago, by showing the extraordinary performance add to their fans' number every day, the newcomers to this field are no less attractive than older ones. For example, Florian Wirtz is a German footballer who could attract a large amount of attention, while he is only a 17-year-old teenager.

Born in Pulheim, Germany, Florian Wirtz plays for Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen as an attacking midfielder. The club's player with jersey number 27 has appeared in international competitions since 2018 with the Germany U-15 national team. The talented youth footballer recorded his name as the youngest footballer of Bayer Leverkusen when he made his debut for the club, which it has never had like him.

Aged only 17 years and 15 days, as an attacking midfielder, Florian Wirtz could break Havertz's club record. He set his place behind Nuri Sahin at Borussia Dortmund and Yann Aurel Bisseck at Koln at the league's ranks for the youngest debutant. As it is clear, the German attacking midfielder has many things to say and has gathered a lot within his short career history. So, stay with us in the following piece to get more about his on and off-pitch life.

Top Facts about Florian Wirtz You Might Need to Know

We allocated the first part of facts about Florian Wirtz to his general info to give you brief but general data about him. To know him more, do not miss any part of the article. 

  • Full Name:

    Florian Richard Wirtz

  • Nickname:

    No Nickname

  • Date and Place of Birth:

    3 May 2003- Pulheim, Germany

  • Age:

    17 years and 11 days

  • Height:

    1.76 m (5 ft 9.5 in)

  • Weight:

    68 Kg

  • Marital Status:


  • Current Team:

    Bayer Leverkusen

  • Jersey Number:


  • Nationality:


  • Salary and Wages:

    $1 million- $5 million

Now, it is time to read the related facts to him in detail, covering the info from his early life to a brief review on his career history. Through the following article, by presenting top

facts about Florian Wirtz

, our team in Sportmob has tried to help you know one of the young legendary talented players, who might be a champion in the future in the football world. To get more about him, stay with us within the article. 

Florian Wirtz Childhood

Born in 2003, Florian Wirtz joined the football world in 2010, which shows how he spent his early life. Wirtz's place of birth, the Brauweiler district of Pulheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, led him to join Grün-Weiß Brauweiler, the local team, the point he started playing football. 

Following uncovering an issue regarding

Florian Wirtz childhood

by himself, he revealed he had gotten an offer from Leverkusen during the period he played for Grün-Weiß Brauweiler. They had suggested him playing in their youth ranks as a young kid. Among the available options that Wirtz had, he had chosen FC Koln as the next step, though finally, Leverkusez could change his mind in January 2020.

After joining the club, Wirtz described his feeling about leaving Koln for Leverkusen and said, "I can understand that 'FC' were disappointed and that their fans are still angry about it. But I feel very comfortable in Leverkusen".

Also, he explained the reason for his decision and mentioned, "I had to look at my future and my perspective, and when I look back, it was the right decision. At 'FC,' I was not even thinking about playing for the professionals at that point. It was very far away."

Florian Wirtz Family

Besides the excellent talent that the young German star has in football, the Florian Wirtz family has had an efficient role in his success in his profession. One interesting fact about

Florian Wirtz family

is that they are interested in sport, football.

His father, Hans Joachim, is serving as the local side Grün-Weiß Brauweiler chairman. Additionally, Wirtz's sister, Juliane, who is two years older than Florian, is playing in the German youth international team and

Bayer Leverkusen

, like her brother. Florian's parents are his agents and help him to choose the correct way in his profession.

He owes his success not only to his ability but the support he has gotten from his family. Unfortunately, no other facts about Wirtz's mother or if he has any other siblings are available. 

Florian Wirtz Girlfriend and Relationship

Born in May 2003, Wirtz is so young for having a serious relationship or a girlfriend to announce a lovely feeling with her. Though you might have seen photos of him and girls as his partner, no authentic website has confirmed any facts about

Florian Wirtz girlfriend and relationship


Florian Wirtz Tattoos

As you know, teenagers have interests specific to their age group, such as spending too much time on social media or getting a tattoo. However, Wirtz, who is spending his adolescence, has not shown any interest in them. Despite not publishing any info about

Florian Wirtz tattoo

, no photos have shown any design on his body. 

Florian Wirtz Instagram

Contrary to what people expect from a 17-year-old teenager about spending a lot of time on Instagram, the number of posts, his followers, and his following prove he is not very interested in the platform.

The 37 shared posts and 70.4k followers on

Florian Wirtz Instagram



, reveals that though he spends some time on it, he is not addicted to it. Taking a look at the content of the photos he has posted shows he loves his profession because out of 37 posts, there is no irrelevant one to football. His manner is not limited to Instagram, and he does the same on his Twitter account too.

Florian Wirtz Net worth and Salary

One of the most viewed topics for football fans is the amount of money their favorite or prominent players earn. Although the star of today's article is a young player and has entered the football world not a long time ago,

Florian Wirtz net worth and salary

are hot topics.

Based on the last published data in 2019 -2020, his net worth is between $1 million to $5 million, though it has been growing significantly. Unfortunately, no more fact is available around his salary in 2021.

Florian Wirtz achievements

Not passing many years from Wirtz's entrance to the football world has not let him achieve many honors. However, the youngster German legend could do and record a gold medal in his career history as his first gaining.

The young player's performance in the under-17 level caused him to earn a gold medal. The only

Florian Wirtz achievement

had made a lot of excitement in him. He described the moment he tried to get the award and said, "It was a nice feeling. I have been looking forward to having it in my hands. Winning this medal was a long-term goal of mine. Getting this recognition means a lot".

Some Facts about Florian Wirtz

Besides the presented info with different topics, we have gathered some others under the title of short facts around the young German player. 

Florian Wirtz, A Student at School

The junior star that we have presented the facts about him is already a student at school and is studying for his Abitur, high school diploma/A-Levels. The concurrency of one of Florian's exam date with a Europe League competition against

Slavia Prague

caused Wirtz to miss it and could not appear in the match. Experiencing similar situations gave him the feeling that he described both studying and football management so hard.

In an interview with the German Football Association, Wirtz claimed that despite spending time for his studies and football with the same amount of energy, the latter comes a little more naturally to him. However, because not much time has left in his studies, he hopes that he overcomes the difficulty and ends it successfully.

A Helping Hand from Amiri and Demirbay

After appearing for the first time for Leverkusen in 2020, Florian took part as a regular beginner at BayArena. Meanwhile, Florian Wirtz has revealed that he has been under some of his teammates' support, including

Nadiem Amiri


Kerem Demirbay


In an interview with Sport Bild, Wirtz claimed the tips that Wirtz gets, such as "The coach does not like it at all if you do not chase the ball immediately after losing possession" from Amiri from the start, have had a key role in his success. He continued that his mentioned teammates do not know him as a competitor but a player who could help the team.

A Comparison between Wirtz and Havertz

The youth attacking midfielder of Leverkusen, whose talent has abled him to play as a winger, has caused some words regarding his likeness with the former club's player,

Kai Havertz

. Wirtz's ex-teammate has been an inspiration to him, and he almost tries to follow his acts in front of the goal when they are in training. 

Florian Wirtz Positive test for Coronavirus

Coronavirus has become a threat that has made many difficulties in the football world. During the 2020-21 campaign, the young player of Leverkusen was tested positive for the virus. Following the test result, Wirtz could not appear in the competition against


, and though he missed the match, his team could finish it in a 1-0 victory over the opponent. 

Quotes about Florian Wirtz

Almost always, excellent performances have attracted much attention and earned many praises and admiration to the doers. Imagine how much a talented who is only 17 years old can absorb considerations.

Following displaying great playing, Florian Wirtz has aroused much admiration that here we will mention some of them as one of the most viewed

facts about Florian Wirtz

. Due to not having enough time to talk about all of them here, we only present a few of them and postpone the other ones to another article.

The former FC Koln academy boss and the sporting director, Jorg Jakobs, knows Wirtz as a skillful player as Havertz and said, "Wirtz is an exceptional talent. He has a combination of potential and extreme determination, which is extremely rare. I have rarely seen an offensive player who works hard at tracking back, although he could rely solely on his offensive qualities. He wants to win every defensive duel as well, and that makes him a complete player."

He continued and explained that "Florian can do everything. He has a lot of witty playfulness, great technique, incredible playing intelligence. Wirtz is fast with the ball and is a good dribbler. If he stays healthy, he is at least in the same category as Havertz".

Florian Wirtz Career in Summary

Though the young talented player has not left a long career history yet, he has several things to share about his brilliant appearances that we will present as the last section of

facts about Florian Wirtz

to them.

Known as one of the skillful players in the future of German football, Florian Wirtz stepped into the football world in 2010 when he joined the youth team of 1. FC Koln. Having played there for about ten years, Wirtz signed a contract with Bayer Leverkusen in January 2020.

At first, he could impress the under-17 team with his excellent playing and attracted their attention with his unique performance. His talent prepared the opportunity of making his senior debut for the club in Bundesliga on 18 May 2020, in an away competition against Werder. Through his participation in the match when he was 17 years and 15 days, Wirtz could break Kai Havertz's record as the youngest footballer to appear in the league.

Wirtz scored his first goal in the 89th minute of a home competition against

Bayern Munich

on 6 June 2020, which ended in a 2-4 loss. However,

Youssoufa Moukoko

did not let him hold the record for a long time because less than a year, Moukoko scored his goal at age 16 years and 28 days and surpassed Wirtz's record.

Following signing a 3-year contract with Leverkusen on 23 December 2020, Florian Wirtz set revealed his plan for his career till 2023. Although he has not scored many goals yet, there are some more remarkable goals in his career history.

One of them is the goal, by which in the 80th minute Wirtz changed the result of a tie to a 2-1 home victory against

Borussia Dortmund

. In the game against VfB Stuttgart, which finished in a 5-2 winning, Wirtz scored his fifth career Bundesliga goal that led him to become the first player in league history to reach his benchmark before he becomes an 18-year-old player. 

The other part of

Florian Wirtz career

is playing in international competitions, though he has not appeared in a lot yet. In March 2021, the senior team called him up for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Presenting a wide range of facts about Florian Wirtz, we tried to make a comprehensive collection about the young German footballer. Despite our efforts in writing a complete account of the young Bayer Leverkusen's personal and professional life, there might be some facts about Florian Wirtz that we have missed mentioning. So, there is anything to remark, share it with us via the comment section.

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