Pogba misses winning trophies

Sun 18 April 2021 | 8:05

The France World Cup winner Paul Pogba has not won a significant honour with Manchester United since 2017 but is stubborn to cut the dry run under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The Frenchman has portrayed himself as a "bad loser" who misses getting cups at the Red Devils but says that the current situation only makes them more determined to end it.


Personally I miss it a lot and feel like I miss something

," Man Utd star Pogba told 

Sky Sports

. "

We have to win something


"I just want to win something; I don't like to play and not win. I'm a bad loser, I will always be a bad loser, so every time I play, I want to win. Personally, we want it very bad. I think we are getting closer and closer; there is improvement I would say.

"When I say improvement, this club has such big goals and objectives we want to achieve and that is to win and to have a trophy to hold. That is what we want and that will be the big step."

"I'm happy, we're there, we're close. We're still in the Europa League, we still have something to play for.

"We have the league still, as long as [Manchester] City don't have the trophy we're going to keep working and playing. We still have a chance to win something this year so, why not?"

It will be about four years to the day since Manchester United last picked up a major if


can lead them into the Europa League final against Roma in a two-legged tie.



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source: SportMob