“Criticisms are all about me, not Inter” - Conte

Sat 17 April 2021 | 14:55

Antonio Conte Believes the criticism Inter are subjected to targeting him, while he thought Napoli would be ‘favourites’ to grab the Scudetto.


are going to face


on Sunday and

Antonio Conte

believes it will be a tough match.

“This is going to be a tough game and, as you all know, I have always put Napoli among the two-three teams who could challenge for the Scudetto to the end. Gennaro Gattuso is an excellent coach and this is going to be a difficult test for us,”

said Conte in his press conference.

“Napoli have one of the best squads in Serie A and I put them among the favourites for the Scudetto at the start of the season. Rino is doing really well, but as we all know, the coach is the first to be criticised when results don’t come. It hasn’t been an easy year for me either.

“If a player asks me for advice on whether to become a coach, I tell him that he needs passion. Sometimes you can get the result and still be criticised, so you need the passion to go beyond positive or negative feedback.”

Inter are leading the

Serie A

table with 11 points to their advantage but they are being slammed for their defend and counter approach.

“I realised that it’s all about me, that’s the basic problem. I don’t mind that, as long as they don’t touch Inter. There are still many points up for grabs and we’ll go to Napoli for the victory. We cannot start calculating or holding back, because my experience tells me that is counter-productive.

“We mustn’t fall into the trap of taking the Scudetto for granted, because it hasn’t been assigned yet. We know the sacrifices we’ve made to reach this position, but must be humble to realise there are still some steps to go before we can make that dream come true.”

Romelu Lukaku and Kalidou Koulibaly are going to be the center of attention in tomorrow’s battle.

“He is one of the top two or three defenders in the world and I wanted to bring Koulibaly to Chelsea. He’s actually improved since then.

“Lukaku has improved a great deal too, it’ll be an interesting duel, but both sides will have to work as teams to create goal-scoring opportunities.”

Inter are running on a rich vein of form as they stick to a starting lineup that hardly ever changes.

“I think every team needs an identity and you can only have that if you focus on a specific system. I find it easier for players to recognise themselves in a system if it has only minor adjustments from game to game.”

source: SportMob