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Chelsea midfielder feels "underappreciated" playing for his team

Sun 18 April 2021 | 10:18

Italy international, Jorginho reveals that he feels "underappreciated" at Chelsea, and talks about when he almost left football at Verona and the reason Thomas Tuchel "understands my characteristics."

It's been three years that he has played for

the Blues

but he is still being criticized by a part of the local fans.

“I received a lot of criticism and I can accept that. Everybody has an opinion and I don’t always agree but I can respect it,”

he announced to

the Daily Mail


“It motivates me to work harder and do better and keep proving they are wrong. Sometimes I do feel unappreciated but I don’t get disappointed."

Seemingly, things are getting better for Jorginho after the arrival of Tuchel at Chelsea after Frank Lampard had succeeded his mentor Maurizio Sarri.

“He understood my characteristics. The way to play with short passes when we need short passes and long balls when we need long balls.”


spoke of being inspired by his mother, Maria Tereza Freitas, who was a successful amateur football player.

“My dad is always angry when I say this in interviews. Normally, you inherit this sort of thing from your dad but my dad was bad at football, he played as a goalkeeper, no good on the pitch. My mum was the talented one but my dad helped me in other ways."

Jorginho headed to Italy when he was 15 to play for the Hellas Verona youth academy.

“For me, football was over. I called my mum, crying and saying I wanted to come back and give up football. I said, ‘Mum, you and dad always told me the football life was hard and there would be awful people you can’t trust and I’m a good guy and I don’t want to live in this world.’

“I wanted to be close to my friends because I’d been away for years and felt like I could not trust anyone. But she just said, ‘You’re not coming back. If you do come back you will need to find somewhere else to stay because you’re not coming back to my house.’

"She said, ‘Because of money, you want to give up? No chance. You are training with the first team and you want to give up? I won’t let you.'

“So thanks mum, thanks dad for that because they have played a big part."



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