Phil Neville is happy with Beckham’s support

Thu 15 April 2021 | 20:11

Inter Miami boss has talked about Beckham’s attitude before his MLS opener.

Phil Neville

, who was hired as

Inter Miami’s

head coach in January, has expressed his feelings about his former teammate

David Beckham

, saying that he is so supportive as one of the club’s owners.

Phil Neville’s men feel face LA Galaxy in their first MLS match of the season and their first match under the former Manchester United star, and he feels at home at the club, and he is happy with Beckham’s attitude since his arrival.

“Where David is concerned, he is an owner who has a sheer presence around the place,”

he said


“We saw him around the training ground this morning, he didn’t say that much but he’s shaking everyone’s hand, making sure he says hello to the guy on reception, the lady who works in the kitchen, the chef and every single player.

“That has become part of the norm when he comes into training four, five, six days a week.

“He comes into my office for 30 seconds to say ‘Everything ok? Family ok? Are you settled and do you need any help?’

“It’s as simple as that and the backing and support he has given me – purely by his presence – has been so good. The players recognize that and the staff have really felt that as well.”

England’s former international, who was once England Women’s manager, is going to experience his first match as the manager of Inter Miami that is partially owned by his friend David Beckham on Sunday.

Neville thinks that his experience with teams like Valencia and England has helped him to fit in comfortably.

“They have all been different but because I’ve experienced different this feels normal, although it sounds a bit contradictory. Going to Spain was a massive life change, going to the England Women’s team was a massive career change.

“Coming to America, I’d already experienced a massive life change so this is actually quite normal. Having to get used to the American way of life has been really simple, the Inter Miami people have accepted me with open arms.

“Living here is the most fabulous experience. Ultimately it feels quite normal but I have had to learn the rules and regulations of the MLS, it’s totally different to any league in the world.”

source: SportMob