Everton clash is not Mourinho’s last hope for top-four spot

Thu 15 April 2021 | 16:51

Tottenham boss insists that Everton match is not their last chance for Champions League.


sits six points away from the fourth-place team, and their next match is against


, which can be a decisive clash for


side, but he insists that they wouldn’t be hopeless about finishing the season in the top four even if they lose against Everton.

"We are very close, but there are more clubs around, with a few more points, some others with a few less,"

he said


"With more than 20 points on the table, it's still open. The winner gets the points and stops the loser.

"Understandably, I don't think anything is going to be decided but if one of the two teams wins and gets an advantage that can be important in the direct duel, not in relation to all the others around.”

Despite not putting all his hopes in this match, Mourinho admits that it is an important match for them considering both sides' position in the table.

"This match is very important as the distance between the two teams is very short. Of course, they have one match in hand. “

He added


"The distance is short. They have similar objectives. They are going to fight with us to try and get the best possible position and see if we and them can get a European position. It's an important match."

Mourinho’s men are hoping to bounce back after their 3-1 defeat against Manchester United against Everton, who has struggled to win home games against them losing three games and drawing 4 in their last seven home games against Tottenham.

source: SportMob