Guardiola raised Foden - Paolo Di Canio

Thu 15 April 2021 | 15:05

Paolo Di Canio explained why Phil Foden's embrace with Pep Guardiola was remarkable after the victory over Borussia Dortmund.


Guardiola trained and raised the puppy,"

Di Canio told Sky Sport Italia.



was a talent who had already expressed himself with the England's youth teams


"He showed his talent, but young people often play for their own sake, heel or toe. He made him understand how it's possible to be a protagonist in an important way.

"Foden didn't only score in the first leg, a decisive goal, but in the second leg and has continuity in the game.

"He is also tough in the non-possession phase. He doesn't look that tough, but he's actually very tough and edgy, he enters, and with the ball at his feet he's a joy to watch.

"The hug is beautiful because it explains the devotion of a lad who understands that he was lucky enough to have met his mentor."



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source: SportMob