Reece James surprised by Champions League semi-final qualification

Thu 15 April 2021 | 11:08

Chelsea defender talks about the ‘strange’ season and the progress they have made along the way.




in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final on Tuesday and despite their 1-0 loss against the Portuguese opponents, the Blues advanced to the next round of the competition with a 2-1 result on aggregate.

Chelsea defender

Reece James

has now talked to the club’s

official website

, claiming this season has been ‘strange’, and the Thomas Tuchel’s men have exceeded their own expectations by advancing this far in the European competition.

"The season started off a bit strange,”

James said.

"If you’d said we would have been here at the start of the season then we probably wouldn’t have believed you, but it just shows what’s possible with hard work, everyone getting their heads down and working as a team.

"When you come to the later stages of competitions, you know you’re going to come up against top-class teams. We need to be ready and at our best right from the start."

He added:

"You can’t go into games with any fear. You can acknowledge a good team but you can’t go in worrying.

"We’re a very good team as well. We have many strengths, we play to our strengths and I think that’s shown over recent weeks. I just hope we can continue our good form and keep improving as a team.

"As we’ve progressed in the tournament, obviously the games have got harder and it’s higher stakes.

"I’ve never been in this position before, like a lot of the other young lads, and we’re learning a lot on the way. It’s part of playing in Europe and in the Champions League. When you play against foreign teams, they know what to do to get through games so you sometimes have to give some back to them as well."



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