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We should make it difficult for Real midfielders, says Robertson

Wed 14 April 2021 | 18:13

Liverpool's left-back has given his thought about the approach they should take in order to beat Real Madrid.


were famous for their heavy metal approach which made the game difficult for each opposition they faced. It wasn’t been quite like that this season as their performance has been declined and some of their best players were either missed due to injury or performed less than expectations.

They suffered a 3-1 defeat against

Real Madrid

last week and

Andy Robertson

has given an analysis report on how they can make a comeback.

"Real Madrid are one of the best at controlling games. When they're in winning positions, they've got the likes of [Luka] Modric and Kroos that can just stand on the ball for what feels like 10 minutes and you can't get it off them,"

Robertson told Liverpool's official website.

"But we need to put these players under pressure, we need to put them all under pressure, we need to make their life a bit more uncomfortable than we did last week. It felt as if we gave all of them too much time on the ball, really, so we need to make it uncomfortable for them.

"If we lose the ball, we need to get it back quickly and our pressing game needs to be top level, and that's the basis for all our good games. When you look at all the big games we've played and all the good games we've played, it's been down to the pressing being so good. So, we need to try to create that.

"It doesn't just happen, we need to make it happen. We need the hard work and we need everyone willing to do it. The lads are always willing to do it, so I've got no doubt about that, but it's just about us trying to get close to the ball.”

source: SportMob