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Stuart Dallas: "We went to Manchester City to win the game,”

Mon 12 April 2021 | 17:12

Stuart Dallas thinks that Leeds United's victory over Man City was the result of Bielsa’s work.


Leeds United’s

2-1 victory against Manchester City,

Stuart Dallas

, who scored both goals for the visitors has talked about the match, saying that the team went into that game to win; he insists that such kind of victories are the result of Marcelo Bielsa’s work in the club.

Dallas says that their experienced head coach has made them believe that they can always rise above the expectations.

"You've just got to look at the game on Saturday,"

the Northern Ireland international told Sky Sports News.

"We went to Manchester City to win the game, whether people call us crazy or naïve that's their opinion.

"He (Bielsa) showed a belief in us that we can go to these places and get a result. Of course we're not going to win the league but we're more than capable of putting in a performance and we've shown that throughout the season.

"We've been criticized at times for how we've played and again it's a matter of opinion but that just shows what type of manager he is.

"He gives us, as players, the belief. He does everything he can, him and his staff throughout the week, to give us the best opportunity to go to these places and get a result.

"Of course like on Saturday when you go down to 10 men the game plan changes but you've seen how we defended, we were close to each other in defense, we got tackles in and we ran forward at the right times.

"I'm sure he may not take credit for getting that result but believe me he had a big part to play in it.”

Bielsa’s side has made everyone respect the quality and form that the experienced coach caused in the team, and Leeds' important victory over Manchester City in a situation that they had to play the second half with ten men is another sign of the team’s quality.

source: SportMob