Frank Lampard waiting for the prefect opportunity to return

Fri 09 April 2021 | 21:10

The former Chelsea manager and player speaks about his experience in the Premier League for the first time after getting sacked.

Frank Lampard was sacked from his position as the manager of


and was replaced by Thomas Tuchel in January. Everything was looking fantastic for the young English manager until he somehow missed it suddenly and a run of 5 defeats in 8 Premier League matches cost him his job.

For the first time, he has spoken with the media about his experience at Chelsea. The 42-year-old sat down to support the Willow Foundation in a Q&A ahead of the London Football Awards on April 29. 

"No matter how good you think you are or whatever circumstances you are in, [being sacked] can happen," 

Lampard said.

"It gives you a sense of perspective of what's important. It came at a time where we were due a young son and it has given me a lot more time to be home so you count your blessings on that front.

"It has been great to be around the family. I have had some opportunities that have come up in the last six weeks to two months that have been flattering and nice but it wasn't the right thing. It has certainly been nice to step out having been managing two and a half years full pelt.

"With the family situation, the opportunities were not quite right. I think about it and it would be something I am keen to do at the right time and the right place. As much as I am resting and recuperating away from the game, I am keeping an eye on it.

"I am looking forward to things that may come. I am watching football and trying to learn and get better. In this game, you never stop learning so I will try and find the right time and opportunity, if it comes and I am very keen to get working again."

source: SportMob