Bellerin blames his side for the bad results

Fri 09 April 2021 | 16:24

Arsenal’s defender is frustrated with his side’s lack of control, when they are ahead in the game.



draw against

Slavia Prague

, the Gunners’ defender

Hector Bellerin

has talked about his side’s performance blaming his side for the bad results. Bellerin is unhappy because he thinks that his side conceded the late goal in a situation that they should have been controlling the game.

Bellerin told the reporters:

“I have to say, I felt like we had the game under control for the whole time but the last five minutes.

“We had chances to score, we get to 1-0 in the 85th minute, and then it’s about us controlling and managing the game.

We put ourselves in situations that we shouldn’t be at that stage and it has happened to us before. It is something that is in our hands and I’ve said it before – teams are not beating us, It’s us losing the games”

The Gunners’ only chance to win a trophy advancing in the Europa League because they see themselves in the 10th place on the Premier League table, and they won’t be able to fight for a Champions League qualification in 2020-21, but Bellerin thinks that they can still find their ways into the next stage despite the home draw in the first leg.

He said:

“It’s difficult to take, but at the end of the day there’s still everything to play for and it’s 1-1.”

source: SportMob