Liverpool-linked star considers Ramos higher than van Dijk

Fri 09 April 2021 | 12:35

Many comparisons have been made in recent years between Sergio Ramos and van Dijk.

Leipzig defender Ibrahima Konate, who is highly regarded by Liverpool, believes that Sergio Ramos has a higher status as a defender than Virgil van Dijk.

The young French defender is one of the Leipzig stars who has attracted a lot of attention. Liverpool are among the teams that are closely monitoring his condition, and especially with the numerous injuries he has suffered this season, he has become one of the club's priorities. However, in a controversial comment, Konate claimed that

Real Madrid

captain Sergio Ramos is of a higher quality than his possible future team-mate Virgil van Dijk.

Speaking to

Umm YouTube channel,

when asked about best defenders in the world, he replied:

"Ramos. Number one of course. Van Dijk then [David] Alaba."

Ramos, who recently turned 35, is still a key figure in Real Madrid and his country's national team. His contract with the club is coming to an end and Los Blancos' efforts to extend his contract with the captain have not yet been successful. They are expected to continue trying to extend Ramos' contract.

The Spanish star has won two Euros, one World Cup, five La Liga titles and four Champions League titles.


source: SportMob