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Gerrard would have left Liverpool after Istanbul final

Wed 07 April 2021 | 22:26

Jamie Carragher speaks about the celebration after the winning of the Champions League in 2005.

The 2005 Champions League is one of the happiest memories in the mind of all Liverpool fans.


have beaten


in Istanbul while they were three goals behind to win the Champions League.

Jamie Carragher who was a Liverpool defender at that time recalls his memory of celebrating after their victory as he could not actually participate much in the celebration.

“The celebrations were amazing, but I spent most of the night going up and down in a lift!"

Carragher told


“Our party was on this rooftop, and I kept getting messages to go down to reception to let members of my family in. Then word went around that if you said, ‘I’m Jamie Carragher’s cousin’, you’d get into the party. I let loads of fans in but I didn’t mind – it meant they got pictures with the trophy.”

Former Liverpool defender also claims Steven Gerrard, clubs legend could join Chelsea if the famous Istanbul comeback didn’t happen.

“Winning the Champions League in 2005 kept him at the club, because it showed we could compete at the highest level," Carragher said of Gerrard. “It also meant that we qualified for the Champions League the next season, as we’d come fifth in the league. It’s hard to believe, but without his goal, history could have been very different.

“Stevie was 24 and belonged in the Champions League – he was the best attacking midfielder in the world. Chelsea were desperate for him, but that goal changed everything.”

source: SportMob