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Arsenal transfer policy has been ridiculous - Petit

Wed 07 April 2021 | 11:41

Arsenal have not been able to do well this season and are in tenth place.

Former Arsenal star Emmanuel Petit has criticized the club's transfer policies, stressing that Mikel Arteta should be sent off.

The Gunners have seen a sharp decline in recent years, moving from one of the Premier League contenders to one of the mid table teams. Petit believes that player recruitment policies have played an important role in this decline and stressed that with this squad of players, one can not expect more from Mikel Arteta.

"For me, the biggest mistake they have made in the last few years is their ridiculous transfer activity,"

the former Arsenal midfielder told



"OK, it’s a question of money and they don’t have the same finances as Manchester United and Manchester City, but they’re not far behind those clubs.

"They still have the power to get big players in. But the way they’ve spent money in the last six or seven years… who is directing that? I’m just asking that question: who is in charge of these decisions? Does the manager have a say, is it his responsibility? Or is it someone on the board?

"I don’t understand the profile of players they’ve brought in – especially in defence.

"I try not to get emotional anymore when I look at Arsenal. I try to step back and put away my emotions. I try and look at them like a normal team. I have to tell myself 'don’t expect anything special from them today.' This is the way I am now."

source: SportMob