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Varane isn’t afraid of the pressure

Mon 05 April 2021 | 15:21

Real Madrid’s defender Varane says that pressure is normal in Madrid.

Raphael Varane

sees pressure as a good thing as it helps the team put more effort into their game and claims to have a warrior mentality.

The France international has won three La Liga titles, four Champions League titles, and a world cup medal, but he is eager to win more trophies, and he is not afraid of the pressure that comes on the way.

Varane told

UEFA’s official website


“For me, pressure is a friend. It's a driving force.

“I think pressure makes you better. It gives you adrenaline and helps you think faster, stay more focused and play the game more intensely. I'd say that terrifying pressure should motivate you, since you run faster when you're scared.”

The 27-year-old defender insists he likes the challenges that he faces in football and that he has learned how to deal with them.

“I don't think my style of play makes you immediately think that I'm a warrior. However, I recognise that I have a warrior mentality.

“I quite like challenges. The more difficult the challenge, the more I enjoy it. The less you believe in me, the more motivated I am. That's my way of being and thinking, and that's what helped me reach the highest level and stay there for many years.”

Varane will face Liverpool with his club in their next Champions League clash and then come back to fight for the domestic crown before joining his national team to fight at the international level.

source: SportMob